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New Year’s Resolutions

For astrologers the notion of making a fresh start at the beginning of the year carries little weight. January 1 is an arbitrary marker and has no real meaning to anyone’s life other than being an excellent excuse to have a party and, maybe, kiss a stranger. If you’re going to make a “New Year’s resolution,” make it on your birthday when the transiting Sun conjuncts your natal Sun or, better yet, when Saturn makes an angular aspect to its natal place, or when Uranus crosses your Midheaven, or when your progressed Moon aligns with your natal Sun, or on any of a dozen of other points in time when astrology tells us that big changes are possible.

That being said, it is a fact that many people do make New Year’s resolutions and that some of them actually intend to keep them. If you’re one of those people you are not going to enjoy the next week. Your resolution is likely to falter or get delayed. The current arrangement of planets, the aspects that influence all of us, are not conducive for beginning new projects and the more you push to get something started, the more bogged down you will feel.

If you must move ahead with a New Year’s resolution, do yourself a favor and wait until the Full Moon on January 8 (actually on Jan. 9 at about 2AM EST) to begin your journey toward self-improvement. Even though Full Moons are more often associated with endings than beginnings, you should feel more enterprising and energetic during this transit. Of course, unless there’s an indicator of change happening in your personal horoscope to support this energy, your resolution is probably going to fall flat after a week or two; but isn’t that what we all expect of New Year’s resolutions?


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