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Your Mars/Venus Who’s Whomars red

Our Mars/Venus Who’s Who contains the names of all the celebrity examples we cite in The Mars and Venus Playbook. There are close to fifteen hundred names in this list divided into categories such as Entertainment, Politics and Sports.
The people listed include contemporary notables such as Justin Bieber, Emma Stone and Katy Perry as well as historical figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Queen Elizabeth I.

Explore these lists and you will find that many of the names have been highlighted. If you click on these highlighted names you will be taken to the Mars and Venus combination that describes that person. You’ll see that Bradley Cooper is a Level-Headed Love Child and Lady Gaga is an Untamed Slave of Love and you’ll learn what Mars and Venus say about their sexuality and discover who else shares these categories.

venus symbol blue
So take a few moments to look over our Mars/Venus Who’s Who and check out your favorite celebrities. Of course, if you want to look up your own Mars and Venus combination, use our Mars and Venus Playbook. If you don’t know where Mars and Venus are in your horoscope, use our Mars and Venus tables to look it up.

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