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Why Sun Sign Astrology Doesn’t Always Work (Part Two)

We’ve all run into people who simply don’t act like their Sun sign. They may be a shy Leo, a taciturn Gemini or an anti-social Libra. Why is this? Well, there are several good astrological reasons.

In a previous article I used the example of talk-show host Craig Ferguson to illustrate one reason why this happens. Ferguson is a Sun sign Taurus but he has Gemini rising along with Mercury and Venus in Gemini (with Mercury directly on the Ascendant) and these factors outweigh the influence of his Sun, at least in his public persona.

But there are other reasons why people don’t act like their Sun signs. Let’s take the example of rock-and-roll icon Gene Simmons. During the 1970s Simmons gained fame as the bassist for the rock band, Kiss. The band was known for their elaborately painted faces, pyrotechnics and satanic imagary, and the tongue-wagging Simmons became the group’s most unabashed advocate of a hedonistic, rock and roll lifestyle.

So, would you believe that Simmons – this guy in a codpiece who gloried in the adulation of millions of rabid fans – is a Virgo? In fact, he has both the Sun and the Moon in Virgo. Certainly, Simmons has shown the practicality and business acumen that is typical of Virgo. He has taken the often fleeting fame of a rock star and crafted it into an enduring media empire that includes a revival of the band, his TV show “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” and the marketing of KISS paraphernalia.

But where is the ego that started it all. Certainly, not in dutiful Virgo which, typically, dislikes the limelight. No, Simmons’ ego is rooted in an arrangement of planets that happens to dominate his horoscope.

In Simmons’ natal horoscope Jupiter is in the 10th House at the top of the chart and it forms a close opposition (180 degrees) aspect to Mars. Jupiter in the 10th in itself is an indication of an expansive ego but with the opposition to Mars, it gets a surge of raw power. Since neither Jupiter nor Mars are in signs they favor, this egotism will be at times crude and selfish, but it will never be denied.

There are several other factors in Simmons' horoscope that show him to be a unique individual with a powerful, though strangely appealing personality, but the Jupiter to Mars opposition answers our question. Sometimes a single aspect like this, with planets strongly placed in the 1st or 10th Houses can seem to take over a personality and make it hard to see the influence of the Sun sign. This is why the simple “I’m a Scorpio, I’m a Taurus” approach to astrology is so limited and astrologers encourage people to move beyond it.