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Dr. Oz and the Twice-a-Week Prescription

dr oz
Not long ago I heard Dr. Mehmet Oz say that every married couple, regardless of their age, should try to have sex at least two times a week. Dr. Oz is, of course, a well-known television personality and his medical advice has been
helpful to millions. However, astrologically speaking, there are some problems with this particular perscription.

In astrology, we don’t expect the need for physical sex to be the same for everyone. Different planetary placements, in particular the signs occupied by Mars and Venus, are linked to different levels of sexual activity. When Mars and/or Venus are in Water or Earth signs in a person’s horoscope, for example, that person will have a greater need for sexual contact than a person who has Mars and/or Venus in Air or Fire signs. (Click on the highlighted areas to see which group applies to you)

Therefore, the couple in which the man had Mars in Cancer and the woman Venus in Taurus might find Dr. Oz’s prescription of sex twice a week totally inadequate, while the couple in which the man has Mars in Libra and the woman has Venus in Aries might find it daunting. For the first couple, sexual contact and the emotional bonds it represents would remain a necessary part of the expression of love regardless of their age. For the second, sex is only an enjoyable diversion. They may relish it when they’re young and healthy but it is the idea of partnership that really sustains the relationship.

In case you’re wondering, Dr. Oz was born on June 11, 1960 and he has Mars in Aries (a Fire sign) and Venus in Gemini (an Air sign.) Even though Aries is the most passionate of the Fire signs, this is not a particularly “sexy” combination. Dr. Oz’s wife, on the other hand, is a different story. Lisa Oz was born on July 20, 1963 and has Venus in Cancer (a Water sign) with Mars in Virgo (an Earth sign.) For this combination of Mars and Venus, Dr. Oz’s program might just be the minimum.So perhaps Dr. Oz's twice-a-week perscription might best be seen as a compromise.

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