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Herman Cain and the Cycle of Saturn

As early as Oct. 5 I tweeted that Herman Cain was going to make a significant impact of the run for the Republican nomination for president.  Since we do not have a time of birth for Cain, I based this assertion the fact that transiting Saturn was squaring his natal Saturn.

This aspect is part of the cycle of Saturn. When we are under the influence of one of the aspects of this cycle we feel to call to find and fulfill our role in the larger social system. These Saturn passages are typically times of extraordinary focus and industry and, if we have judged correctly about what our role in society should be, they are times when doors open and opportunities we might never had imagined present themselves.

However, Saturn gives us nothing that we have not earned. If we have done the work, if we’ve withstood the adversity and developed the necessary inner strength, a Saturn transit can be a time when our talents are recognized and our accomplishments rewarded. But if we have not sufficiently prepared ourselves, if we have committed errors in judgment and let the flaws in our character rule our behavior, these transits can be merciless. Suddenly, we have to pay for all those past mistakes.

So, I wasn’t surprised when Cain’s rise in the polls resulted in women coming forth claiming he had sexually harassed them in the past. In my book, Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life, I present examples that follow this same pattern. The Saturn aspects bring an opportunity for greatness while, at the same time, revealing weakness that will make this prize unattainable.

Saturn has moved past Herman Cain’s natal Saturn now but it will cross it again in May and August of 2012. He will still maintain his loyal followers and may still exert some influence in the nomination process.  But what Saturn is really demanding of Mr. Cain is that he takes responsibility for him past mistakes and, at this point, that does not seem likely.

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