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Nov. 29, 1981 (Part Two)

What was going on in the horoscope of Robert Wagner on the night his wife died?robert  wagner

On the night of Nov. 28, 1981 and during the early morning of Nov. 29 the horoscope of Robert Wagner was a surly mess. Transiting Mars (Mars in the sky at that moment) was in a quincunx to his natal Venus and Sun. This is not a strong aspect but it would have put him in a combative mood.

More importantly, transiting Pluto was in the midst of a slow square to his natal Mercury. Wagner was going through a phase in which he could take no statement or idea at face value. Everything he heard or saw would be perceived as a possible threat and he would have been particularly argumentative and protective of his emotional “ground.”

At the same time transiting Saturn was square to his natal Pluto. This is a depressing aspect that makes us acutely aware of our limitations, our mortality and the advantages that we do not, or no longer, have. It is not the sort of aspect that pushes to the forefront of our lives. Rather its influence lingers in the back ground, making us unusually bad tempered and pessimistic.

On that particular night transiting Mercury formed an exact conjunction with transiting Uranus while transiting Mars was approaching a square aspect with Neptune. Had I been writing about these aspects in my daily forecast I might have said, “New ideas don’t sit well with some people and arguments end badly for all concerned.” This seems to be a good description of the three-way argument that reportedly went on between Wagner, his wife and Christopher Walken over her career during the hours before Wood’s death.

So, we can say that on the night of his wife’s death Robert Wagner was feeling depressed and argumentative. Mixed these ingredients with a copious amount of alcohol and you get a party that you wish you had missed. And yet, the overall tone of these transiting aspects is passive and defensive.  Wagner was far too caught up in his own feelings to consciously commit any action as drastic as attacking his wife.

The most incriminating evidence against Wagner, astrology-wise, is the T-square in his natal horoscope involving his Cancer Moon (in the 8th House of death,) Saturn and Uranus. What this aspect describes is a man who has difficulty feeling emotional bonded to a woman; a man who tends to suppress his true feelings and judge a female partner’s loyalty by his ability to control and manipulate her.

Obviously, motivations like this would result in relationship problems. One might say that Wagner had “issues” with women. But, this T-square could also describe a person who lost (Saturn) a beloved spouse (the Moon) by means of a tragic accident (Uranus.)


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