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Nov. 29, 1981 (Part One)

The decision by police to reopen the investigation into Natalie Wood’s death has renewed interest in that tragic event. Let’s see what astrology has to add to the discussion.


On the night she died Natalie Wood’s natal horoscope was being hit by multiple aspects indicating both stress and reckless behavior.

First of all, transiting Saturn opposed to her natal Saturn. This aspect is part of a cycle Saturn makes in the horoscopes of everyone at some point. I write about this in detail in my book Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life. With this important aspect going on, Wood would have been in the midst of a personal crisis. She would have felt that she had important choices to make, choices that would change the course of her life. This would have put her in a highly agitated and perhaps distracted state of mind.

The next important aspect to her chart involved transiting Mercury and Uranus which were exactly conjunct in the sky at the time of her death. They were also square to her natal Jupiter, trine to her Pluto and quincunx to her natal Moon. If her mind was not already completely distracted, these aspects would have certainly finished the job. These are good aspects for getting bad ideas and taking them entirely too far.

At the same time transiting Jupiter was opposed her natal Moon, square to her Pluto and in a trine to her natal Uranus. This aspect would have given her a feeling of supreme confidence. She would have felt sure of her physical capabilities, sure of her good luck and her blessed state in the universe. But when Jupiter is in a stressful aspect, as it is here, that confidence is often not be justified.

All of the aspects I’ve listed so far are within a range of one degree. To have that many aspects that close at one time is a highly unusual occurrence, but it gets worse. At the time of her death transiting Pluto was about a degree and a nataliewood
half away from a square aspect to her natal Sun. Pluto was also square to her Mars and natal Pluto, which are in a conjunction with the Sun in her horoscope. Pluto is the planet of transformation and, as such, it is often related to death, the most complete transformation of all. With this aspect creeping in, a bad choice made under the influence of anger and an excess of alcohol would have had deadly implications.


I won’t go into the secondary progressed aspects for Nov. 29 though they do seem to support a penchant toward recklessness and over-confidence. Altogether, these aspects tend to support the coroner’s report submitted after the accident which stated that Wood, alone and in an inebriated state, attempted to board dingy that was tethered to her yacht and fell into the water, where she drowned.

Of course, the actions of other people on the boat are also part of this story. In my next entry I will look at the aspect in the horoscopes of Wood’s husband, Robert Wagner.

(Click here to see Natalie Wood's horoscope with transits for Nov. 29, 1981, 1:00AM)

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