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Mars & Venus Compatibility Test: Kate Middleton & Prince William

prince william and kate middletonHere we have two people who were both born with Mars in Libra. Sharing the same Mars sign is not always a good thing for a sexual relationship but with Libra it works. These two Perfect Lovers share a respect for the process of building a relationship and each needs to feel bonded to another person. And, of course, what could be more fitting for Libra’s idealized standards than a royal wedding.

The Venus signs are more problematic. With Venus in Taurus, William’s Mars in Libra idealism is coupled with a healthy appetite for physical sex that Kate’s Venus in Aquarius will have trouble matching. She is a Capricorn by Sun Sign so she will understand William’s earthy side but she may not always enjoy it. Fortunately, Kate has the Moon in Cancer, as does William (along with his Sun,) so they will be able to provide each other with the cuddlingand emotional support they will both need in their private moments.

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