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A Quick Look at the Horoscope of Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is the only person among the several candidates currently seeking the Republican nomination for president for whom we have a complete horoscope. He is also, in the estimation of many, the front-runner. So let’s take a moment to look at his chart.

mitt romney


Romney is a Pisces by Sun sign, and he has both Mercury and Mars in that sign. He has Gemini Rising and the Moon in Scorpio in an almost exact conjunction with Jupiter. Fixed and Mutable signs are well represented in his horoscope but Cardinal signs are not. He has nothing in any of the Earth signs.

Romney’s greatest strength is his ability to adapt to new circumstance and still hold tight to his core values. Though known for his business acumen, he is more a problem-solver than an entrepreneur. He is skilled at adapting his own ideas so that they can be applied to a variety of situations. However, this flexibility only applies to real world problems. The conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio show that Romney is a “true believer” who hold tight to a set of inviolate moral principles, in this case his Mormon faith.

What is remarkable about Romney’s horoscope is the number of planets on the “angles” of the chart. (Click here to see Romney's horoscope.) The angles are the Ascendant, along with its opposite, the Descendant, and the Midheaven of Medium Coeli and its opposite, the Imum Coeli.  Romney has Venus on his Midheaven and both the Moon and Jupiter close to his Descendant. The traditional interpretation of such a placement would be extraordinary good fortune. In modern times we put less emphasis on luck and more on the ability to make difficult tasks seem easy and an engaging charm that makes other people want to help him.


The downside of having Venus and Jupiter so prominently placed in the horoscope is laziness; a tendency to depend on luck and the good will of others. Jupiter and Venus are also associated with over-indulgence in any activity that brings pleasure. However, in Romney’s chart both Pluto and Saturn are near another “angle”, the Imum Coeli or I.C. This means that along with being lucky and charming, Romney is also extremely disciplined and willing to endure hardship for the sake of a worthy goal.


Obviously, this horoscope has many strong points, but there are a few weaknesses. First of all, the predominance of Mutable signs means that Romney has trouble making firm commitments and focusing his attention on any one problem for a long period of time. Even when he is committed to a course of action, with Gemini Rising, he will have trouble convincing people that he is really serious.


There is also potential trouble from the Fixed sign part of Romney’s personality. With the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio his attachment to his beliefs is so deeply ingrained as to obsessive and that it could negatively influence his thinking. The fact that his has nothing in Earth sign means that his expectations of other people are not always realistic.


I will save an analysis of Romney’s chances of becoming president for later but I will offer these two observations. First, the transiting and secondary progressed aspect for Romney in Nov. 2012 are quite positive; better even than Obama’ in 2008. On the other hand, Romney’s horoscope reveals none of the pragmatic, no-holds-barred fighting spirit that it generally takes to win a national election.


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