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The Imperfect Couple:

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

There has been much speculation recently about the relationship of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Much of it stems from the discrepancy in their ages. Kutcher is 33 and Moore is close to 50. If the genders were reversed, of course, this would not seem odd at all but, when it is a man who is married to a woman almost twenty years his senior, the world takes notice.

demi moore and ashton kutcher copyFrom an astrological point of view, however, what makes this relationship odd is not the difference in age; it’s the difference in signs. Demi Moore was born with four planets in Scorpio and the Moon directly across the chart in Taurus. We do not have a time of birth for Kutcher, but we know he has four planets in Aquarius, which forms a “square” or 90 degree aspect to both Scorpio and Taurus. It is a general astrological principle that signs that are 90 degrees apart tend to repel one another. For two people beginning a romantic relationship, having Sun signs that are 90 degrees apart is usually “strike one.” Having a group of planets at right angles is strike two, three and maybe even four.

What’s the problem with between Scorpio and Aquarius? First of all, these are two Fixed signs. They both conduct their lives according to entrenched principles and they are slow to adapt to needs of others. For Scorpio these principles are based in emotions and deep psychological issues, while Aquarian principles are intellectual and based in reason and idealism. Scorpio people like to think they see the world as it really is: as a place ruled by human frailty, jungle instincts and a constantly shifting balance of power. Aquarians think they see the world as it really is: as a place in which emotional and physical specifics matter less than overarching rational systems. It is hard to see how these two very different points of view could be compatible.

This is not to say that it is not impossible for a relationship to blossom between a Scorpio and an Aquarian, or any other couple with squaring Sun Signs, but we would expect to see connections between the charts other than the Sun sign that were notably positive.

There is at least one such connection between the horoscopes of Moore and Kutcher. Kutcher’s Jupiter (click here to see Kutcher's "noon" chart) is directly on the Moore’s I.C. (at the bottom of the chart.) (Click here to see Moore's chart.) This is shows that Moore regards Kutcher’s presence in her home environment as a blessing and indicates a degree of emotional dependency on her part.

Also Kutcher has Mars in Cancer which tells us that, in terms of his sexuality, he relates more favorably to Moore’s Scorpio nature than his Aquarian planets would otherwise indicate. Kutcher’s erotic life is tied to his emotional life and he finds comfort and security in Moore’s strong and fiercely loyal Scorpio personality.

Since we do not know Kutcher’s time of birth, there may well be other positive connections between the horoscopes of which we are not aware. Even with this possibility, however, and the positive factors we have listed, the relationship between Kutcher and Moore remains an astrological anomaly.

Does this mean that it cannot last? Well, not necessarily.

One trait that Aquarius and Scorpio people share is strength of will. They are both capable of enduring a great deal of trouble in order to get what they really want out of life. The fact that the relationship between Moore and Kutcher has gone on for as long as it has (eight years) is proof that these two people have found a way to accommodate their very different world views. Another trait these two signs share is a resistance to change. It will take a major breach of faith in order for either of these people to decide to take a different course. Stubbornness may not be the best basis for a marriage, but it has its advantages.

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