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Why Sun Sign Astrology Doesn't Always Work

fergusonFor most people astrology begins and ends with the Sun Sign. After all, it’s easy.  All you need to know is your birthday. Unfortunately, it is also easy for people to dismiss astrology altogether if the description they read of their Sun sign does not match what they know about themselves.

People who understand a little more about astrology know that the Sun Sign is just the beginning. There are many other astrological factors that influence our personality and character. The Sun sign, though always important, is not always the most significant and obvious of these factors.

A good example of how the Sun Sign can be overshadowed by other factors in one’s horoscope is the comedian, actor, writer and talk show host Craig Ferguson.

Anyone who has ever watched Ferguson on the Late, Late Show on CBS is aware of his quick wit and extemporaneous style. His monologues dart from subject to subject, from one clever aside to another without any apparent structure or overt plan. Despite the fact that he’s pushing fifty, Ferguson has incorporated the internet into his program, reading tweets and emails from fans. In describing his technique as an interviewer, Ferguson makes no claim of extraordinary insight or exhaustive preparation. He says he merely listens to what the people who come on his show have to say. For this reason his interviews are rarely predictable and are usually fun to watch.

According to his book," American on Purpose," Craig Ferguson was born on May 17, 1962 at 6:10 AM. His Sun sign is Taurus. Taurus people are supposed to be deliberate and cautious. They are generally practical, materialistic and highly principled folks who dislike change and are inclined to be stubborn and opinionated. Obviously, this doesn’t sound like the Craig Ferguson we’ve seen on TV.

In the horoscope charted for Ferguson time and place of birth, however, Taurus in not the dominant factor. Ferguson has only the Sun in that sign and his Sun is placed in the Twelfth House of “hidden things.” Whatever Taurus qualities Ferguson might have are, for the most part, concealed from the public eye. What the public does see is Ferguson’s Ascendant or Rising Sign, which is Gemini. Moreover, his Mercury and Venus are also in Gemini and they are both sitting close to the Ascendant. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is directly on the ascending degree, so the Gemini influence is greatly enhanced.

If you’ve ever read the standard Sun sign description for Gemini you know that Geminis are quick thinking, adaptable and great conversationalist. They are also versatile. Craig Ferguson’s resume is hodgepodge of striking accomplishments and different talents. He started out as a drummer for a punk rock band. He did a bit of acting in between more conventional jobs like construction and bartending and then launched his career as a comedian. This led to appearances on television in both Britain and the U.S. He’s also a scriptwriter, a producer and a novelist. Ferguson’s versatility is a well-established fact.

Of course, Ferguson’s Gemini planets are not the sum total of his television persona. We also see the energy and drive of his Aries Mars, the charm and eagerness to please of his Libra Moon and, behind the scenes, the discipline and ambition of his Saturn on the Midheaven.  And, if we examined Ferguson personality and life history deeply enough we would also find a good deal of Taurus as well, but only if we are willing to look beyond the obvious.

Horoscopes like Ferguson’s are not common but neither are they rare. For some people the Sun sign is just not the most visible part of their astrological profile. This is why astrologers plead with people to extend their knowledge of astrology beyond the Sun sign. Often, it only after you’ve moved past the “I’m a Virgo” or “I’m an Aquarius” level of astrology that the beauty of this system of knowledge begins to show itself.

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