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Astrologically Progressing Charlie Sheen

The theory behind progressions in astrology is that horoscopes, like so many other things, change with time. You might say they mature and potentialities that may be hidden within the original horoscope slowly charlie sheen
become apparent. Secondary
progressions set this rate of change at one day for every year of life. This idea might seem mystical to some but secondary progressions are amazing in accuracy, not only in the way they time events, but also in the way they predict the context in which these events will occur.

Charlie Sheen’s horoscope presents us with an excellent demonstration of how secondary progressions work. Sheen was born on Sept. 3, 1965, right in the midst of the “big” aspects that made the “60s” such a tumultuous and liberating decade. In his horoscope, Uranus and Pluto are within a degree of one another in Virgo, and Saturn is directly opposite in Pisces. These are all slow moving planets and many people born in the mid-60s will have this arrangement in their horoscopes. What makes Sheen’s somewhat special is the fact that his Sun is very close to a conjunction with Uranus and Pluto and an opposition aspect to Saturn.

Early in 2011, when Sheen’s erratic behavior led to his dismissal from the comedy series “Two and a Half Men,” his secondary progressed Mars and Venus were moving into a 90 degree square aspect with his natal Sun in his horoscope. It is highly unusual for two progressed planets to make such a significant contact with the natal horoscope at the same time.

These aspects influenced Sheen in very different ways. The Venus square indicates self-indulgence and a sense that everything is going fine no matter what other people might be telling you. It also indicates a period in which sex and romantic involvements will be a primary focus.

The square by secondary progressed Mars to Sheen’s natal Sun makes conflict and disputes with figures of authority likely. It describes a period in which the individual will be prone to violent, impetuous actions and dangerously over-confidence. By itself the Mars square would be an exceptionally destructive progression but the concurrence of the Venus aspects allowed Sheen to survive his extreme behavior relatively unscathed.

At the present time the influence of this set of secondary progressions in Sheen’s horoscope is beginning to wane. During 2012 progressed Venus and Mars will move closer to a square with his natal Saturn and Uranus. This will be the beginning of a long period of trouble and sadness for Sheen. His interpersonal relationship will suffer first and he may find himself very alone.

As progressed Mars moves closer to Saturn and Uranus health issues will become paramount and sudden, disastrous turns of fortune will be likely.  After 2015, Sheen’s secondary progressed Mars will be moving into a square with his natal Pluto that will last through 2018. This will bring further health problems and feelings of hopelessness.

These long-term progressed aspects are difficult enough on their own but they also increase the likelihood that a faster moving transit will be particularly damaging. Sheen once claimed that he had “tiger blood.” He will need this and much more, along with the support of a lot of people, in order to survive the many difficult years he has ahead of him.

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