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What’s the “Hottest” Venus Sign?

pamela_andersonPart 4 of 4 Parts: Venus in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius (the Fire Signs)

Every placement of Venus in the horoscope has the capacity to attract a partner but each sign does this in a different way. Deciding which Venus sign is the most attractive really comes down to a matter of taste. Let’s take a moment to review pros and cons of four different groups of Venus signs and then you can decide which one is most likely to rock your world.

Now let’s consider Venus in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the Fire Signs.

People with Venus in the Fire Signs, are exciting, enthusiastic and passionate Lovers. They don’t dwell on their emotions, they act on them. They don’t court their beloveds, they conquer them. People with Venus in the Fire Signs always see their beloved as someone special, a prize that must be won at all cost and being looked at in this way can be quite flattering. This makes it very hard to say no to these effervescent Lovers.

So the problem for these Fire Sign Venus folks is typically not winning love, its holding on to it. Among our examples we have several people who were involved in high profile romances that made headlines for a while then fizzled, such Jane Fonda (Venus in Sagittarius,) Jennifer Aniston (Venus in Aries,) Maria Shriver (Venus in Leo,) and both Nicole Kidman (Venus in Leo) and Tom Cruise (Venus in Leo.) Then we have Pamela Anderson (Venus in Leo), Elizabeth Taylor (Venus in Aries) and Marilyn Monroe (Venus in Aries) all of whom met the criteria on multiple occasions.

Of course, we can also point to people with Venus in the Fire Signs who have had an easier time with marriage, such as Salma Hayek (Venus in Leo,) Katy Perry (Venus in Sagittarius) and Robert Downey Jr. (Venus in Aries) as well as some who have thus far avoided the question altogether such as Jake Gyllenhaal (Venus in Sagittarius) and George Clooney (Venus in Aries.)

These are ambitious Lovers. Like Madame Pompadour (Venus in Sagittarius,) the commoner who became the paramour and life-long companion of France’s Louis XV; they are often drawn to partners who are successful, powerful and famous. This, of course, doesn’t always work in their favor. Examples such as Monica Lewinsky (Venus in Leo,) Heather Mills McCartney (Venus in Sagittarius,) Anne Heche (Venus in Aries) and Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband, Jesse James (Venus in Aries) show how the ambitious nature of this type can backfire.

The intense passion of these Fire Sign Lovers can also have an ugly side. Witness the famously dysfunctional relationships of Tina Turner (Venus in Sagittarius,) Mia Farrow (Venus in Aries) and both Whitney Houston (Venus in Leo) and Bobby Brown (Venus in Aries.) We also have examples of people in relationships that turned violent such as Amy Fisher’s (Venus in Leo,) the teen who shot her lover’s wife, and Lisa Nowak (Venus in Aries,) the astronaut who drove across country to assault her ex-boyfriend’s lover.

And yet, there is no reason why the intensity and thirst for excitement which characterized this type’s approach to love has to end badly. Sure it makes them a little bit crazy, but if you can’t be crazy for love, what can you be crazy for.

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