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What’s the “Hottest” Venus Sign?

Part 3 of 4 Parts: Venus in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn (the Earth Signs)brad_pitt

Every placement of Venus in the horoscope has the capacity to attract a partner but each sign does this in a different way. Deciding which Venus sign is the most attractive really comes down to a matter of taste. Let’s take a moment to review pros and cons of four different groups of Venus signs and then you can decide which one is most likely to rock your world.

In this article we will consider Venus in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, the Earth Signs

People with Venus Earth Signs have a practical, down-to-earth approach to sex and romance. They tend to be exceptionally sensual individuals and their response to sexual stimuli is direct and emphatically physical, but these qualities are apparent only to those lucky few with whom they are intimate. For the person with an Earth Sign Venus, private life is truly private and they generally avoid drawing attention to either their relationships or their sensual natures. If they have to speak of these things, however, they will speak plainly, often too plainly. Their opinions are remarkably free of sentiment or idealism.

The first thing that stands out about our list of examples is number of first rate male sex symbols born with Venus in Earth Signs. Starting with the Gary Cooper (Venus in Taurus), the slow talking cowboy who had women swooning in the 1920s and 30s, through Clark Gable (Venus in Capricorn), Marlon Brando (Venus in Taurus), Paul Newman (Venus in Capricorn), Warren Beatty (Venus in Taurus), Robert Redford (Venus in Virgo) Brad Pitt (Venus in Capricorn) and ending with Johnny Depp (Venus in Taurus,) this group dominates. Add to this list musical icons such as Frank Sinatra (Venus in Capricorn), Paul McCartney (Venus in Taurus), Elvis Presley (Venus in Capricorn) and Mick Jagger (Venus in Virgo) and there can be no doubt that the pure physicality of the Earth Sign Venus has a way of getting noticed.

Of course, the Earth Sign Venus group has also produced its share of beautiful women. We can go back to the 1950s to Sophia Loren (Venus in Virgo) and Brigitte Bardot (Venus in Virgo) and continue through Faye Dunaway (Venus in Capricorn) and Natalie Wood (Venus in Virgo) on to Catherine Zeta-Jones (Venus in Virgo), Julia Roberts (Venus in Virgo), Kate Winslet (Venus in Virgo), Denise Richards (Venus in Capricorn) and Jessica Alba (Venus in Taurus).

What all of these celebrities have in common is that they took their world famous sex appeal in stride and maintained a down-to-earth, pragmatic attitude toward sex and relationships. This is not to say that people with Venus in one of the Earth Signs are incapable of excessive behavior of bad choices but they rarely let themselves be defined by their missteps, or by their sensual natures. The overriding feature of the Earth Sign Venus is realism. They do what they can with what they’ve got and they have as much fun as the real world will allow.

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