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What’s the “Hottest” Venus Sign?uma

Part 2 of 4 Parts: Venus in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius (the Air Signs)

Every placement of Venus in the horoscope has the capacity to attract a partner but each sign does this in a different way. Deciding which Venus sign is the most attractive really comes down to a matter of taste. Let’s take a moment to review pros and cons of four different groups of Venus signs and then you can decide which one is most likely to rock your world.

In this article we will consider Venus in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, the three Air Signs.

People with Venus in one of the Air Signs tend to intellectualize their emotions and they rarely let their feelings carry them away. They are generally less physical than Water, Earth and Fire Sign Lovers but they also are less inhibited. Sex is an abstraction to them, an intellectual toy with which they are free to experiment or ignore, depending on the circumstances. Wit and charm are the great assets of the Air Sign person. They are usually cool, clever and easy to like. Physical and emotional connections are less important to them than intellectual affinity and they regard sex appeal as secondary to stimulating conversation.

Male examples of the charm and unflappable sexiness of this type are Hugh Grant (Venus in Libra), Richard Gere (Venus in Libra,) Patrick Dempsey (Venus in Aquarius), Sean Connery (Venus in Libra), Harrison Ford (Venus in Gemini) and Ashton Kutcher (Venus in Aquarius.) Women who exemplify the cool allure of the Air Sign person range from sex symbols from Hollywood’s golden years such as Marlene Dietrich (Venus in Aquarius) and Grace Kelly (Venus in Libra) to sirens of a more recent vintage such as Sharon Stone (Venus in Aquarius), Cybill Shepherd (Venus in in Aquarius) and Cher (Venus in Gemini) to contemporary figures such as Paris Hilton (Venus in Aquarius), Uma Thurman (Venus in Gemini) and Jessica Biel (Venus in Aquarius.)

Our list of beautiful women with Venus in Air Signs includes four super-models: Heidi Klum (Venus in Gemini), Naomi Campbell (Venus in Gemini) Claudia Schiffer (Venus in Gemini) and Kate Moss (Venus in Aquarius.) But it should not be assumed that people with Venus in the Air Signs are content to be eye candy. They rely as much on the sharpness of their intellect to attract a mate as upon any physical attributes. Thus among the women in this group we find several noted intellectuals such as Margaret Sanger (Venus in Libra), Simone de Beauvoir (Venus in Aquarius), Mary Wollstonecraft (Venus in Gemini) and Gloria Steinem (Venus in Aquarius).  Among the men we have writers D. H. Lawrence (Venus in Libra) and F. Scott Fitzgerald (Venus in Libra), each of whom won the love of his life through the power of his mind.

Fidelity is often an issue with people with Venus in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Since, for them, the most important part of a relationship exists in the mind, they see no problem in letting their bodies roam at will. In this group we have men famous for their lack of faithfulness such as former presidents Bill Clinton (Venus in Libra) and John F. Kennedy (Venus in Gemini.) Also we have women who used sex a means of making a living like Heidi Fleiss (Venus in Aquarius) and porn stars Georgina Spelvin (Venus in Aquarius) and Ilona Staller (Venus in Libra.)

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