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What’s the “Hottest” Venus Sign?

hugh_jackmanPart 1 of 4: Venus in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces (Water Signs)

That’s a good question. In theory every placement of Venus in the horoscope has the capacity to attract a partner but each sign does this in a different way. Deciding which Venus sign is the most attractive really comes down to a matter of taste. Over the next few days, I'll review the pros and cons of four different groups of Venus signs. Then you can decide which one is most likely to rock your world.

First, let’s consider Venus in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, the three Water Signs.


People with Venus in one of the Water Signs don’t have to work at being sexy; they just are. These people often appear emotionally needy and vulnerable or they may seem mysterious and complex. In either case, they project a willingness to give themselves completely to love—mind, body and soul. That is hard to resist. A good example of what Venus in the Water Signs is like is the pinup icon from the 1950s, Bettie Page (Venus in Pisces.) Page came from a deeply religious background and she had no training as a model. But from the first time she posed for an amateur photographer, her natural, unstudied sex appeal virtually blistered the film. More contemporary examples of this Water Sign sexiness are Hugh Jackman (Venus in Scorpio,) Halle Berry (Venus in Cancer,) Russell Brand (Venus in Cancer,) Angelina Jolie (Venus in Cancer,) Criss Angel (Venus in Scorpio,) Justin Bieber (Venus in Pisces) and Cameron Diaz (Venus in Cancer.)

Of course, all of this delicious sex appeal does come with a price. People with Venus in one of the Water Signs tend to become emotionally dependent upon the person they love. Break ups with Water Sign Venus folks are almost always messy. If you’re not serious about the relationship, you’d best not apply. Also, for this group, sex sometimes stirs up long-buried emotional issues that can lead to strange and obsessive behavior. If you are looking for love with someone with Venus in a Water Sign, keep in mind that this group includes people like Larry Flynt (Venus in Scorpio,) the Marquis de Sade (Venus in Cancer,) Baron von Sacher-Masoch (Venus in Pisces) and Casanova (Venus in Pisces.) Sex is seldom just about having fun for these folks. It is a complex, multi-layered and occasionally explosive commodity.

What people with Venus in the Water Signs have to offer is extraordinary sex appeal and an intense commitment to the person they love. These are people who have deep and unquenchable thirst for love. If you are up to the task of giving them that affection, you will be lavishly rewarded. On the other hand, they can also be high maintenance partners who demand a lot of attention and often come to the relationship with a good deal of emotional baggage.

Coming next: Venus in the Air Signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.