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What’s Next for Tiger Woods?

tiger_woodsEveryone knows about Tiger Woods' spectacular fall from grace, how revelations of his infidelities with numerous women cost him his marriage, millions of dollars and, apparently, his golf game. From an astrological point of view, what happened to Woods in Dec. 2009 is obvious. Uranus crossed his Descendant (the point on the horoscope wheel opposite the Ascendant) and, at the same time squared (made a 90 degree aspect) his natal Moon, signaling major changes involving both relationships and women. The kinds of changes Uranus brings are usually sudden, surprising and drastic. Even if Woods had been giving his marriage the respect and attention it deserved and even if his conduct with other women had been absolutely above reproach, this would have been a rocky time for him. Since this was not even close to being the case, the situation become much more that just rocky.

As is common in the horoscopes of great athletes, Mars sits at the top of Woods' horoscope. Its placement on the Midheaven indicates a highly competitive nature and a personality that thrives on physical exertion. Of course, if you’ve read our "Mars and Venus Playbook" you know that Mars is also closely associated with sexuality. In Woods’ chart it is not only powerfully placed, it is also in the wayward and insatiably curious sign of Gemini. Despite his business-like Capricorn Sun and self-effacing Virgo Ascendant, no astrologer should have been surprised that golf’s golden boy liked to fool around.

So Woods’ infidelity and the explosion it caused in his personal life are astrologically quite understandable. What is more surprising is the devastating effect his marital troubles have had on his golf game. Obviously, he is not the first famous guy to be caught cheating. Other men in his position have made their contrition, maybe checked in to some “sex addiction” facility and then gone back to doing what they do. For Woods, this has not been the case. He has gone from the golfer who only a few years ago virtually owned the game to a faded also-ran, leaving an army of fans still wondering when he will make his big comeback.

The answer to this question is in Woods' horoscope. Woods is not the typical person with Mars in Gemini; not your average Sexual Technician. First of all, Woods has Venus in Scorpio. Woods’ attitude toward sex and romance tends to be compulsive and loaded with mysterious psychological meaning. He actually wants and needs to feel a deep, emotional bond to another person so the breakup of his marriage was not just economically painful. It was a severe and psychologically damaging loss.

At the same time, Woods prominent Mars is opposed (a 180 degree aspect) to his Moon. This indicates that his relationships with women have an adversarial quality. Woods may not be aware of this tendency. Aspects to the Moon often work on a subconscious level, but this aspect makes every encounter with the opposite sex a challenge, a test of will and a contest that he has to win. Adding to this tendency is the square (90 degree aspect) between Woods’ Capricorn Sun and Pluto. Woods’ is a person who takes himself seriously, who tends to brood over his mistakes and find convoluted ways of punishing himself. For him the need to win is a deep, psychological compulsion and defeat, particularly defeat by or involving a woman, is a descent into a dark and hopeless void.

Some people reading this may be expecting me to predict the big Tiger Woods comeback. Maybe you want to get some money down on the next tournament. Well, put your cash away. The comeback is still on hold. Starting early next year and continuing through most of 2013, Pluto will be moving into a conjunction with Woods’ natal Sun while Uranus moves back and forth in a 90 degree aspect. This is the famous Uranus to Pluto square I’ve so often written about and it is taking place right on one of the most significant points in Woods’ horoscope.

The next two years are going to be hard for Tiger Woods. There will be major disruptions, startling revelations and a down-to-the-bones realignment of values. Some sort of physical injury is not unlikely though the real damage will be suffered by his ego and the core of his identity. It is here that he will be forced to make the most wrenching changes. The good news is, if Woods is able to keep an open mind through this troubled period and meet the challenges it presents squarely, he can emerge a much stronger and more self-aware person. The bad news is that his career as a golfer is not likely to turn around anytime soon.

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