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The O’Neal Wars: Ryan vs. Tatum

Relationships between parents and their children are often just as complex and problematic as relationships between lovers. The reality show on the OWN Network featuring Ryan O'Neal and Tatum O’Neal is a classic example. Tatum,tatum_and_ryan_oneil sober after years of alcohol and drug abuse seeks to reconcile with her father, Ryan, a handsome and classically self-involved actor whose career seemed to run out of gas after he starred in a couple of hit movies in the 1970s. The most memorable of those hits, Paper Moon, featured Tatum as his precocious nine-year-old co-star.

A comparison of the horoscopes brings out one striking factor. Tatum’s Moon in Cancer is very close to Ryan's Ascendant. A connection such as this shows us that there is natural affinity and a very positive emotional bond between these two people. Tatum is an important part of Ryan’s sense of self. She signifies his identity as a father and, despite all indications to the contrary, his identity as a good father.  For Tatum, the conjunction means that she sees her father as an important factor in her emotional well-being, that she seeks protection and security in his presence. This is a wonderful indication of a close father-daughter relationship. Unfortunately, nearly everything else in the two horoscopes points in the opposite direction.

We could go through the chart comparison piece by piece and delineate the conflicts but it’s probably enough to say that Ryan has the Sun and a whole bunch of planets in Taurus and Tatum has the Sun and several planets directly opposite Taurus in Scorpio. These are two Fixed Signs, two signs with different agendas, priorities and ways of seeing the world; and it doesn’t help that either party seems to have made the best use of the qualities provided by these signs.

Taurus people, particularly people with as much Taurus in their charts as Ryan O’Neal, know how to live well and they know how to take care of the practical matters that make living well possible. But when Taurus is not pushed to its highest level it produces a stubborn, narrow-minded and self-indulgent mentality. There is a kind of narcissism that is peculiar to Taurus. It is a narcissism that comes out of the assumption that material comfort matters more than anything and no one’s material comfort matters more than mine. The smugness and complacency with which Taurus people fend off change and challenges to their point of view can be infuriating.

Scorpio people are not complacent. In fact, they question everything and find layers of hidden meaning in every fact, event or statement. When Scorpio is not highly developed, these hidden meanings almost always are interpreted as a threat or an insult. They’re tougher on themselves than Taurus folks but they are also tougher on everyone else. They have an incredible knack for finding another person’s weakest point. Sometimes they exploit these weaknesses, and other times they just tweak them for fun. It takes a lot of effort for a person with a horoscope full of Scorpio to see beyond their own angst and deep-seated emotional needs and recognize that other people have problems, too.

What’s required for Taurus and Scorpio to get along? Well, first of all they have to want it. Secondly, they have to rise about the negative qualities of these Sun-Signs and embracing their true strengths. Taurus has a marvelous capacity for generosity and spreading happiness. Scorpio is capable of great wisdom and understanding that transcends petty personal issues. Both of the signs are steadfast, resilient and capable of accomplishing anything, even admitting when they are wrong. By virture of the significant presense of these two signs in thier horoscopes, both Ryan and Tatum O'Neal have access to all of these positive attributes but a reconciliation between father and daughter will only be possible if they are willing to use them.