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Astrology and the Crash of 2008

The 1930s vs. Now: An Astrological Comparison

Astrologers connect the economic disaster of 2008 to a particular arrangement of the planets Saturn, Uranus and Pluto that began in Nov. 2008 and will continue through March 2015. What is remarkable is that there was a very similar arrangement of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto at the beginning of the Great Depression.

depression_eraThis aspect “officially” began when the 90 degree aspect between Saturn and Uranus became exact in March of 1930. This, of course, was several month after the Oct 1929 stock market crash but that is not as odd as it seems. Financiers and even politicians had been aware of the tremendous bubble that had emerged in the stock market long before Oct. 1929 and most considered “the Crash” as a painful but necessary correction. It was only when the economy failed to rebound in early 1930 that these experts began to worry.

The Saturn, Uranus aspect became exact again in Nov.  1930. One month later the first major bank in the United States fell. After that banks all across the country were besiege and by the end of the year over 2000 banks had folded. During 1931 the square between Saturn and Uranus came exact two more times and Saturn completed its opposition aspect to Pluto. The banking situation in the United States only got worst. Similar problems occurred in Britain while the economies of Germany, Austria and other European countries were all but destroyed.

By 1932 Saturn had moved out of the T-square. The action now centered on Uranus and Pluto. The square aspect between Uranus and Pluto came exact in Sept. 1932. In November of that year Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president. The aspect came exact again in March 1933, when he was inaugurated. Within days of his inauguration, as part of his “New Deal” policies, Roosevelt closed the banks and pumped new cash into their reserves. When the banks reopened the “run” was over.

Meanwhile in Germany, another kind of revolution was occurring. Adolf Hitler rose to power during 1932 and in March 1933, when the Uranus to Pluto aspect was exact, the German Reichstag passed “The Enabling Act” which gave Hitler and his Nazi regime absolute power. Hitler also enacted reforms that stabilized the German economy and seemed to herald a new day.

Our more recent Saturn, Uranus and Pluto T-square seems to be following a similar pattern to the 1930 arrangement. The Saturn to Uranus opposition coincided with a crisis in the banking industry, a crisis the quickly spread across the world. During the period when Saturn opposed Uranus and squared Pluto the economies of the world went through an economic downturn, or Great Recession, which many have described as the worst since the 1930s.
Now Saturn has moved on and we are waiting for Uranus and Pluto to complete the dance. This aspect is close to exact right now but it will not truly complete for the first time in June of 2012. It will be exact again in Sept 2012, during the presidential election campaign. As I have previously written, this will be an explosive election in which extreme positions and unwillingness to compromise will be the rule. Since the Uranus to Pluto square continues through 2013, 2014 and into 2015 it is not likely that any problems will be solved by the election. In fact, some may be exacerbated. But, in the end, the root cause of these problems will be seen as the 2008 downturn.

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