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Mars & Venus Compatibility Test: Alex Rodriguez & Cameron Diaz

The level of sexual compatibility with this couple is quite high. Rodriquez is a Naked Sensualist with Mars in Taurus and Venus in Virgo while Diaz is a Basically Bewitching Lover with Mars in Virgo and Venus in Cancer. Rodriguez’s Virgoarod_and_cameron_diaz Venus is almost exactly on the same degree and Diaz’s Mars. This indicates that the sexual chemistry between these two in mutual and powerful. A-Rod’s earthy Mars is Taurus, works well with both Diaz’s Virgo Mars and her Venus in Cancer so, on a sexual level, this relationship seems to have everything going for it.

Beyond Mars and Venus, however, there are some problems. We do not have a time of birth for Alex Rodriquez but we do have a complete horoscope for Cameron Diaz and with this we can see that A-Rod’s Saturn is very close to Diaz’s Venus and Ascendant.  This indicates that she may come to regard the relationship as restrictive.  Also, Rodriquez’s Mars is close to Diaz’s Moon in Taurus. This connection adds a “thrill” factor to the relationship, particularly for Diaz but it could also produce conflicts. There is a competitive quality about the relationship and it will suffer if one partner begins to feel he or she is losing the competition.

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