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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marriage to Maria Shriver was not only a political oddity—a rising star in the Republican Party married to a member of the most famous family on the Democratic side—it was also an astrological oddity. The marriage joined two Sun Signs that are notoriously incompatible: proud and flamboyant Leo (Arnold) and secretive and emotional Scorpio. But this simple Sun Sign combination is deceptive. Even though SShriver and Schwartzeneggerhriver has the Sun in Scorpio, her Moon is in Leo, a fact that would make her very attractive to Sun Sign Leos like Schwarzenegger. Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger’s Moon is in Capricorn, a sign that is sympathetic to Scorpio.

Their Mars/Venus profile is, at first glance, quite positive. Schwarzenegger has Mars in Gemini, which is quite compatible with Shriver’s Libra Mars. These are two people for whom the idea of a partnership is more important than sexual or emotional intimacy. Also, Shriver’s Sagittarius Venus curtails the possessiveness and jealousy to which Scorpio Sun Signs are so prone. With her combination of Mars and Venus, Shriver was willing to allow her Mars in Gemini husband at least a little room to explore his curious sexual nature.

It was Schwarzenegger’s Venus in Cancer that disrupted the marriage. One would have thought that, with a Leo ego and Mars in restless Gemini, the former actor would have been caught cheating with an actress or some other woman he had encountered on a glamorous movie set. But people with Venus in Cancer are most attracted to partners who make them feel emotionally secure and who represent safe domesticity. So, it was an affair with his housekeeper that brought him down.

No one gets a second chance to cross a Sun Sign Scorpio, so the fact that this couple’s attempts at reconciliation failed is no surprise. Moreover, with the Moon in Leo, Shriver no doubt saw Schwarzenegger’s affair as an unforgivable affront to her dignity. {jcomments on}