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Tucker Carlson Gets Fired

I have to admit that I was thrilled when I heard that Tucker Carlson was being “let go” by Fox News, not because of any disagreements I might have with his politics but because I knew we have a complete horoscope with a time of birth for Carlson. It is so seldom that people pop us in the news for whom this is the case that I knew I had to write something about this event. (Click on Tucker Carlson to see the chart.)

First of all, a few words about Carlson’s chart. He is a Taurus by Sun sign. It is amazing how often people with strong philosophical and political opinions turn out to have this Sun sign. We tend to assume that Taurus people are only concerned with the physical but, in fact, they need solid, fixed ideals and principles on which to base their actions in the physical world. This need can sometimes take an otherwise earthy Taurus into an intellectual space that is surprisingly rarified and abstract.

In Carlson’s chart this tendency is reinforced by the placement of the Sun and Moon in the Eleventh House, which indicates a need to be identified with a particular community. Also, he has Jupiter conjunct the South Node of the Moon. In my book, The Lunar Nodes, I associate this aspect with the archetype of the “True Believer.” You often find it in the charts of people with deep religious, philosophical or political convictions.

What is interesting about what happened to Carlson today is the astrological symmetry. Though it was not openly stated, it seems likely that what precipitated Carlson’s demise at Fox were the emails he sent after the 2020 election. Those emails were made public because of the lawsuit brought against Fox News by the Dominion company and they showed Carlson admitting that Donald Trump had lost the election, on the one hand, and lamenting the fact that his colleagues in the new division of the company had reported this result on the other.

On Election Day 2020 transiting Mars was conjunct Carlson’s natal Mars. This is a one or two day transit that can certainly strain relationships and lead to thoughtless remarks but is typically not all that important. However, for Tucker Carlson this quick transit had big repercussions, repercussions that weren’t fully realized until today, when transiting Mars moved into an exact square aspect to his natal Venus.

There are some other interesting things going on in Carlson’s chart right now. For one thing transiting Neptune is conjunct his natal North Node of the Moon and opposed to his natal Jupiter (and his “true believer” aspects). It would seem that Carlson’s faith in the greater truth of rightwing politics is currently causing him some trouble and confusion. However, I don’t see this as a major turning point in Carlson’s life. The astrology doesn’t indicate that. Also, his roots in the fertile soil of American conservative thinking and conspiracy mongering are too deep. Sooner or later he will find somewhere else to blossom.