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Following the Moon: Apr. 20, 2023GGAMoon

I greatly misjudged the importance of Mars in the Full Moon chart for Apr. 6. (Click here to see the chart and the article.) I felt that being weak in the sign of Cancer and trine Saturn would restrain the violent inclinations of Mars. But trine aspects are about flow. They tend to reinforce the status quo, and shooting people you don’t know for no good reason has become the status quo in this country. This lunation period featured a steady drumbeat of such incidents.

The Uranian surprise I mentioned came in the form of the man arrested for releasing secret military documents related to the war in Ukraine. It turned out that the perpetrator was not some nefarious master spy. It was a young U.S. soldier who apparently committed treason in order impress his online gaming buddies. The combination of technology (the guy was an IT specialist) and off-the-wall stupidity plays right along with the mischievous qualities of Uranus.

On the political front, however, things were quieter and in keeping with the influence of Jupiter in that Full Moon chart. There was outcry early in this lunation period when a judge outlawed an abortion pill but a stay on that ruling imposed by the Supreme Court has put that matter in legal limbo for the time being. I attribute this to the square of Pluto to Mercury in the Apr. 6 chart.

Pluto plays an important role in New Moon and eclipse chart for Apr. 20. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) It is in the Second House square both the Sun and Moon. Pluto in the Second House could represent economic issues but Pluto was also in the Second House in the Apr. 6 chart and we had no major changes in economy. However, the one thing that Pluto always represents is power. That power can be economic, judicial (as it was in the Apr. 6 chart), political or from some other source.

A further tightening of restrictions on abortion and the rights of transexuals is likely with this configuration. The possible ban on the social media platform TikTok might could also be in the news though, since Congress is not in session no real movement is likely. Another pending item is raising the debt limit. The deadline on this isn’t until this summer but a deepening of resistance to this economic necessity by rightwing Republicans could emerge during this period.

Of course, it is also possible that the recent rash of gun violence will inspire some states to tighten gun laws. Then it will be gun owner and the NRA that will be feeling the oppressive power of Pluto.

When we look beyond the ominous cloud of Pluto square the Sun and Moon, however, there is much to like in this New Moon chart. The conjunction of Mercury to Uranus promises new ideas  and technological breakthroughs. Since Mercury and Uranus are in the Fifth House of play, we may even get some new technological toys. Also, Mars sextiles Mercury and Uranus. This could give us a break in the constant drumbeat of gun violence. It would certainly be only a temporary break but it would still be welcome.