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How Pluto Brought Down a Legend

In Nov. 2001 a documentary was released titled “Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy.” At first glance, there seems to be something odd about this title. How does a porn star become legendary. However, by 2001 Ron Jeremy had been in the porn business for thirty years. He had appeared in thousands of films and was one of the most recognizable figures in that business. On top of that he was well-liked. He even received a Positive Image Award in 2009.

At the time this documentary released Neptune was nearing a conjunction to Jeremy’s Moon in the First House. (Click here to see the chart.) This seems appropriate. Neptune represents popular culture and the Moon in the First (and conjunct the North Node or the Moon) is an indicator of popularity. But with Neptune there is often more to the story than is being told. In this case, according to court records that were released twenty years later, it seems that in 2001 Jeremy was already beginning to exhibit behavior that would eventually put a very different spin on his legend.

That behavior allegedly included grouping, sexually abusing and raping women. Some of this behavior happened on the job. By 2017, Jeremy’s reputation within the porn industry had become so toxic that he was banned from porn’s yearly convention because of complaints leveled by several actresses. Others such encounters allegedly occurred in bars or at various homes. Unfortunately for Jeremy, the 2017 ban was just the beginning of his troubles. In 2021 he was indicted on 30 counts of sexual abuse involving 25 different women.

In Jeremy’s natal chart Mars forms a wide conjunction with Venus. Since both Mars and Venus relate to sex, this is typically indicators an active libido. The conjunction is in Aries where Mars is exceptionally strong and Venus is weak, so the aggressive, “masculine” side of that sexual dichotomy is emphasized. However, both Mars and Venus are opposed to Saturn. There’s a tremendous amount of sexual energy in this horoscope but it is controlled and channeled by Saturn toward something practical. For Jeremy that turned out to be a career in pornography.

There are some other things going on in this chart, however, that are not so businesslike. Neptune is also opposed to Jeremy’s Mars. (It’s opposition to Venus is outside the generally accepted orb.) As I said, Neptune is associated with popular culture and being in the Nineth House, it has a lot to do with the positive image he projected in the media. But Neptune has trouble with boundaries and when you combine the fluid boundaries of Neptune with the crazy energy of Mars in Aries there’s bound to be trouble.

That trouble reached a crisis point for Jeremy in June 2020, when he was first charged with multiple counts of rape and sexual misconduct. At that time transiting Uranus was square his natal Moon, indicating a radical shift in the status quo. More important, transiting Jupiter and transiting Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn and both were square Jeremy’s Aries Mars. Jupiter expands, which is not always a good thing. A few days after Jeremy was originally charged, 25 new charges were added.

Pluto came back around to square Jeremy’s Mars again in 2021 when he was actually indicted. By this time, Jeremy had been incarcerated for a year and he appeared in court looking disheveled and very old. In March 2022 the judged suspended the trial because Jeremy was showing signs of dementia. On Jan. 29, 2023 Jeremy was declared incompetent to stand trial and transferred to a mental institution. By this time Pluto had moved from a square to Jeremy’s Mars to a square to his natal Venus.

At the beginning of his legal troubles Jeremy staunchly maintained his innocence and promised to restore his reputation. That seems unlikely now. Of course, it is equally unlikely that Jeremy will ever be proven guilty of the offenses with which he has been charged. However, Pluto (unlike Saturn) is not concerned with justice. Pluto’s realm is power. Jeremy abused the power given him by his fame and popularity and now his is subject to another sort of power, a power that even supersedes the legal system, the power of a failing mind.