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Following the Moon: Apr. 6, 2023

It should come as no surprise that a New Moon chart that had both the Sun and Moon in the first degree of the first sign, conjunct the Midheaven and square Mars would produce an event of unique historical importance. That was the New Moon chart for Mar. 21 (click here to see the article and the chart) and the indictment of former President Donald Trump. A figure of authority (the Sun on the Midheaven) is definitely under attack (Mars).

I had felt that the square to by Mars to the Sun and Moon indicated that there would be a violent reaction to this event. However, so far, the reaction by Trump’s supporters has been relatively mild. The violence came earlier in the lunation period with the school shooting in Nashville. I had said that, since Mars was in the Twelfth House, the source of the violence could “come out of the shadows.” The perpetrator of that crime turned out to be very much a shadowy figure.

The protests the erupted after that shooting and the reaction of the Tennessee legislature to those protests is a very different matter. I had thought that the semi-sextile between Jupiter and Uranus (both in the Tenth House in the house I used for that chart) would be good news for some people in positions of power. Instead it gave us a vengeful and rather petty abuse power by Republican legislators in Tennessee.

The Full Moon chart for April 6 also seems to promise some drama. We have the Moon in the Tenth House and the Sun in the Fourth where it is conjunct Jupiter. The placement of the Sun and Moon in angular house usually coincides with important events. The involvement of Jupiter, which  rules the chart, also expands the importance of this lunation. Big stuff will be happening, probably coming out of Trump’s New York indictment or, possibly, from one of the other legal entanglements that the ex-president is facing.

Fortunately, Mars is not involved in this configuration. It is the Seventh House, strong by placement but weak by sign. It is also trine Saturn. We can almost count on there being protests during this coming lunation period, over Trump and other matters, but the situation with Mars indicates that, for the most part, those protests will be peaceful.

That’s doesn’t mean that there won’t be a lot of noise. Mercury is square Pluto so we can expect a lot of dire predictions and bombastic claims. The threat of violence will very much be there, even if it remains only a threat, and it will very much be talked about by both sides.

The aspect that worries me the most about this chart is the rather innocuous looking semi-sextile by Uranus to the Sun and the accompanying quincunx to the Moon. Uranus always brings the unexpected into play. It adds a touch of mischief and chaos. The situation in this country is so fraught with anger and tension right now that the last thing we need is a Uranian surprise to further disrupt our peace of mind.