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Following the Moon: Mar. 7, 2023GGAMoon

I had hoped that the strong placement of Venus in the New Moon chart for Feb. 20 (click here to see the article and the chart) would give us a lunation period relatively free of gun violence. However, it was Mars, that was also strong in the chart, that won out. Instead of alleviating, the pace of shootings seemed to pick up during the past two weeks.

This past lunation period started off with Joe Biden’s surprise visit to Ukraine. Of course, this was more a piece of theater than substance. Other things that happened during the past two weeks, like the continued finger-pointing over the train derailment in Ohio and conflicting theories about the origins of COVID 19, seemed to follow the same pattern. Biden did confirm that he plans to run again in 2024, but this had been assumed for some time.

In the Feb. 20 chart the Sun and Moon are in a Cadent house. This typically means that the events of the lunation period will have less effect, or that those effects will be delayed. The Full Moon chart for Mar. 7 also places the Sun and Moon in Cadent houses. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) It seems unlikely that we would have another two weeks of nothing of substance happening, but here we are.

In this Full Moon chart we have the Sun in the Twelfth House and the Moon in the Sixth. The Sun in the Twelfth describes things happening behind closed doors while the Moon in the Sixth represents important matters obscured by the utilitarian sameness of routine and bureaucracy. However, the Sun and Moon form a wide square to Mars in Gemini. This indicates that whatever happens, it is not going to happen quietly. There will be conflict, though the people raising the stink won’t necessarily have all the facts. (Nothing new there.)

The Sun and Moon are sextile and trine Uranus in this chart. This also contradicts the idea that this will be a quiet lunation period. Uranus indicates change, and not the sort of change that happens quietly behind the scenes.. The fact that the aspects are positive might be taken to mean that these changes will be beneficial, but Uranus is never comfortable in Taurus and this could bring out its contrarian nature.

Other than the aspect to the Sun and Moon, the dominant feature in this chart is the placement of Jupiter directing on the Ascendant. Also, Venus in not far away in the First House. This would seem to describe a period of ease and comfort. However, Jupiter is also the planet of excess. There was  recent report that showed that Americans are still buying stuff regardless of inflation. Jupiter in this Full Moon chart could be telling us that this trend is going to not just continue, but actually increase.

One the other hand, we could just forget about all those worries and say that Jupiter on the Ascendant is the promise of two week of bounty and celebration. I definitely wouldn’t bet rent money on that eventuality, but it’s a nice thought to hold on to nonetheless.