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Joe Biden’s Stands Up to Saturn

Last month I wrote an article about the aspects that transiting Saturn was going to be making in the horoscope of President Joe Biden in Feb. 2023. (Click here to see that article.) Those aspects, a square to Biden’s natal Sun and his natal Venus, have now completed. So, let’s see how I did. (Click here to see Joe Biden’s horoscope.)

I said of the square to Biden’s Sun that it would introduce him to his limitations. I also said that people react differently to this introduction. For some people it is motivation to push harder and overcome those perceived limitations. For others it is a reason to stop fighting and accept that they’ve gone as far as they can go. Given Biden’s age, I thought he would chose the latter course, but it appears as if Joe is going for the former.

The square to Biden’s Sun by Saturn had just closed to within a degree when Biden made his State of Union speech on Feb. 7. In that speech the President showed no hints of giving up the fight. He intentional goaded his Republican opponents and laughed at their heckling replies. Obviously, Biden wasn’t thinking about his limitations during this speech.

On Feb. 20 Biden surprised everyone by showing up in Kyiv and doing a photo op with the Uranian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. This bold reaffirmation of the alliance of Ukraine with the United States was both impressive and a little scary. With Putin now in talks with the Chinese to get them involved in his Ukrainian adventure, the scenario is beginning to show a disturbing resemblance to what was happening in Europe just prior to World War I. Still, it was hardly the move you’d expect of an old man accepting his limitations.

Right now Saturn is still within a degree of squaring Biden’s natal Sun and it also within a degree of squaring his natal Venus. I had predicted that by this time Biden would be sitting on the sidelines while Republicans in the House grilled his wayward son, Hunter. However, those investigations have yet to materialize. Instead, Biden just made a speech in which he promised future support for Ukraine by the United States and strongly hinted at his intention to run for a second term.

So it would appear that I underestimated Joe Biden’s resolve. It’s easy to underestimate Scorpios because they play with their cards close to the vest, and sometime with an ace or two up their sleeves. However, what I didn’t get wrong was that February was going to be something of a turning point for the Biden administration.

We still have a couple weeks before Saturn leaves a one degree or in its square to Biden’s Venus. Also, these quick Saturn transits often work at a two degree orb. So, there could be new developments. Nonetheless, I’m prepared to admit that I got Joe Biden all wrong. He may be going on 81 but he withstood his Saturn transit like a twenty-year-old.