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Following the Moon: Feb. 20, 2023GGAMoon

I have to confess to completely misreading the Full Moon chart for Feb. 5. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I focused on the square between Venus and Mars in that chart when I should have been paying more attention the T-square of the Sun and Moon with Uranus. Uranus is the trickster and it appears as if the trickster got us good with the brouhaha over Chinese spy balloons and UFOs.

Meanwhile, the Mars square to Venus in the Tenth House is that Full Moon chart showed up in Biden’s State of the Union address. This turned into somewhat of a shouting match, with the President goading Republicans (Scorpios love a good fight) and Republicans heckling him. Of course, with Mars strongly aspected in that chart we also got more mass shootings (the one thing I did get right), this time in Michigan and Mississippi.

Mars is strongly placed in the New Moon chart for Feb. 20 as well, sitting in the Seventh House just a few degrees above the Descendant. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) This time, however, the aspects to Mars are more benign, a trine to Mercury and a semi-sextile to Uranus. This might indicate a more peaceful lunation period, although the fact that the semi-sextile between Mars and Uranus is almost exact and Uranus is square Mercury could bring us more Uranian trickery.

The Sun and Moon in this New Moon chart are in the Third House. Generally, when the Sun and Moon are in Cadent houses it’s a sign that nothing important is going to happen during the lunation period. The Sun and Moon have just entered Pisces in this chart but they are still conjunct Saturn, which is in Aquarius. People are going to be looking for stability and structure during next two weeks. They might not find as much as they would like (with the Sun and Moon in Mutable Pisces) but that will be the goal.

The other important feature in this horoscope is the placement of Venus on the I.C. Venus forms an almost exact sextile with Pluto. I think that this is another indication of a relatively subdued and peaceful lunation period. This doesn’t mean won’t have the usual rancor in Washington and self-righteous finger-pointing between red and blue states. It just means that, for the most part, people will be using their “inside” voices and maybe we can get through a couple of weeks without some innocent person getting shot.