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Following the Moon: Feb. 5, 2023

In my analysis of the New Moon for Jan. 21 I got the diagnosis right but picked the wrong plague. In that article (click here to see the article and the chart) I worried that the conjunction of Pluto with the Sun and Moon might bring another surge of COVID. Instead it was the plague of gun violence that surged during this lunation period, with a rash of random shootings in California that had murderous kooks in other states scrambling to keep up.

I also predicted that the nation’s response would be muddled. Of course, it always is with mass shootings. The fact is that there are already enough guns in circulation in the U.S. kill us of all ten times over and no amount of gun control at this late stage is going to change that. Maybe it would be better if we all just traded in our masks for bullet-proof vests.

I also noted that the conjunction of Venus and Saturn in the Eighth House indicated the reopening of longstanding wounds. The killing of Tyre Norton in Memphis accomplished that and made the point that even when the police officers looks like you, things can still go very wrong. The good news in the Full Moon chart for Feb. 5 (click on Full Moon to see the chart.) is that it won’t the old wounds that cause trouble during the next lunation period. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as the good news goes.

Two configuration dominate this Full Moon chart. The first is the very close square between Mars in the Twelfth House and Venus in the Tenth. The classic interpretation of this aspect would be danger for a woman in a position of authority. A more general reading might be an overflowing of passion with regard to issues involving women. In either reading violence is a definite possibility.

The fact that both Jupiter and Neptune are also in the Tenth and Jupiter forms a wide sextile to Mars might be taken as indications that this passion will be somehow mollified. However, the expansive tendencies of Jupiter and the irrationality of Neptune could also push things in the opposite direction, creating a situation that is not just tragic but also more than a little bit crazy.

The other important configuration in this chart is the square to the Sun and Moon by Uranus. The Sun and Moon are in the Ninth and Third Houses, describing issues related to communication and travel. Since Uranus is often connected to technology, this could indicate technological problems regarding those issues, perhaps a major corporate hack or another airline with faulty computers.

We could also look at this T-square in a more positive light. It could indicate a startling technological advance or a new way of dealing with issues previously regarded as intractable. Uranus is generally seen as the planet of mischief but it is also the planet of genius. On the other hand, a lot to the problems we are currently experiencing in this world can be traced back to the work of a few Uranian geniuses.

If I had to point out something good in this chart, it would be the sextile between Neptune and Mercury, which is the ruler of the horoscope, in the Eighth House. I think this could bring us some good new regarding the economy. Of course, Neptune obscures and it’s placed in the Tenth House, so no matter how good that news might be, it’s not going to improve the standing of the current administration.