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Oscar OutrageRiseboroughAImage

This is the time of year when Americans stop paying attention to the partisan tussle in Washington and turn to the Academy Awards for their competitive thrills. This year’s nominations have not disappointed. In particular, the nomination of Andrea Riseborough (a little known actress) for Best Actress for her role in “To Leslie,” (an even lesser known film) has created a storm of controversy.

What makes this nomination controversial is that it came after a bevy of A-list actresses and actors, like Gwyneth Paltrow, Amy Adams and Edward Norton, advocated for it on social media. Some people feel that the Academy was overly influenced by these famous voices and that other worthy performers were consequently shut out. Of course, since they are judgements of quality rather that quantity, Oscar nominations are frequently questioned, but the questions surrounding this nomination have actually caused the Academy to launch an investigation.

In the midst of all this controversy we have Andrea Riseborough, seeming like an innocent bystander. I thought it might be interesting to see what was going on in her horoscope right now. Unfortunately, we do not have a time of birth for Riseborough but, even with just a chart done of noon on her date of birth, there are some interesting issues. (Click on Andre Riseborough to see the chart.)

Even though Andrea Riseborough’s name might not be familiar to American audience, she is by no means a newcomer. She has a long list of film credits and has won several awards. The matter being investigated by the Academy is not the quality of her work, it is the influence of her many famous fans. That puts Riseborough is a rather odd position. She is at the center of a controversy that is at the same time all about her and not at all about her.

What going on in her horoscope is strongly indicative of this kind frustration. Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct in Riseborough’s natal chart and at this time transiting Pluto is square her natal Jupiter while transiting Saturn is trine her natal Pluto.

Pluto often represents powers beyond our control. Saturn represents authority and judgement. Jupiter can also represent authority and judgement, but here the judgement tends to be in our favor. On the one hand, Riseborough’s talent has been judged worthy of a prestigious award by powers beyond her control. On the other, accusations of favoritism have tainted that judgement. Of course, any favoritism Riseborough received was also beyond her control.

It is appropriate that the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Riseborough’s horoscope takes place in Libra, the sign of the Scales. Unfortunately for Riseborough, no mater which way the scales tilt, it will likely be bad news. If the Academy overturns her nomination, she will be embarrassed and blamed for something she could not control. Conversely, if the Academy upholds the nomination, it will still be seen as tainted. It would seem that Pluto and Saturn have really put Andrea Riseborough in a no-win situation.

On the other hand, because of this controversy a lot of people who had previously never heard of Andrea Riseborough or “To Leslie” are now interested. Being nominated for an Oscar is one way for a performer to get famous but being at the center of an Oscar controversy is a probably a much better way. Saturn is moving fast right now and by the time the Academy Awards are handed out in March it will be square Riseborough’s natal Sun and Uranus. She may not get the award but she could still be Oscar night's biggest winner.