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Following the Moon: Jan. 6, 2023GGAMoon

I felt that the New Moon chart for Dec. 23 (click here to see the article and the chart) could bring us an uptick in inflation. That didn’t happen. In fact, even with higher prices, holiday spending remained strong. Overall, the Jupiter square to the Sun and Moon in that chart seems to have brought a fairly uneventful holiday season, unless you were flying Southwest.

That’s what I got wrong in my analysis of the New Moon chart. I underestimated the power of Neptune just four degrees off the I.C. The I.C. represents home and a lot of people weren’t able to get home because of a major breakdown in the organization of Southwest flights. That was very much a Neptunian situation, with a lot of confusion and unfulfilled promises.

Another Neptunian situation seems to have emerged in the House of Representatives. The inability of Republicans to elect a Speaker has become something of an embarrassment, and embarrassing situations are Neptune’s stock and trade. At this point it seems as if this impasse will continue into the next lunation period. The good news for Kevin McCarthy is that in that chart (click on Full Moon to see the chart) Neptune is not prominent.

The bad news for Kevin McCarthy is that Uranus is prominent in this chart. It is in the Tenth House, trine the Sun and sextile the Moon. That describes rebellion and surprising events involving figures of authority. However, since the Sun and Moon are in the Sixth and Twelfth Houses, it seems more likely that a backroom deal will eventually be struck, and that the true terms of that deal will not make it into the public record.

 If you’re not Kevin McCarthy there’s a lot to like about this Full Moon chart. Mercury is conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon, which means it is also trine Uranus. We could see advances in science and technology during this first lunation of the new year. Actually, these aspects bode well for any sort of initiative. This could be the year when our new year’s resolutions actually last past the end of January.

The fact that Venus is close to the Descendant is another reason to like this chart. This could indicate positive movements in diplomacy and perhaps a relaxing of international tensions. Good news regarding issues related to women is also likely and maybe even a sudden outbreak of kindness.

Of course, there’s villain in every story and in this one it’s Pluto, which is also close to the Descendant. Pluto doesn’t make any strong aspects but it’s proximity to the angle shows that, no matter how much fun we’re having during this lunation period, the dark shadow of issues like the war in Ukraine, climate change and political partisanship will still be looming over us. We may be starting a new year but that doesn’t mean the problems of last year are going away.