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Mars Retrograde Strikes AgainTateAndrewImage

How do you define a bad day? Maybe you have a fender-bender in the parking lot at Costco, or your boss is in a bad mood and unloads it on you? Well, try this one on for size. First an internationally known environmentalist burns you on Twitter and then, while the whole world is tittering about how you were publicly unmanned by a teenager, your home is raided by armed police officers and you are arrested for sex trafficking. If you’ve got something that tops that, frankly, I’m not sure I want to hear about it.

Of course, as many people might already realize, I talking about Andrew Tate III, the former kick-boxing champion and current web-personality noted for his right-wing opinions and rampant misogyny. What was happening in Tate’s horoscope today (click Andrew Tate to see a horoscope done for noon on his date of birth) was that Mars was moving retrograde (and therefore slowly) opposite his natal Sun and possibly his natal Moon as well. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene getting caught in a Mars moment. Her issues, however, seem trivial compared to what Tate’s Mars moment has brought him.

Since we don’t have a time of birth for Andrew Tate there are many questions that have to remain unanswered. He was born either on or very near a New Moon, with the Sun and Moon nearly conjunct. The Moon may also be conjunct his natal Saturn (which would explain his apparent misogyny) and the Sun, Saturn and possibly the Moon are square Jupiter, which describes an expansive, luxury-loving and (possibly) egocentric personality. A quick study of Tate’s past exploits tends to confirm this reading of influence of Jupiter.

Tate’s horoscope also features Venus in Scorpio conjunct Pluto with both planets trine Mars in Pisces. I’ve previously described aspects between Mars and Pluto (even “soft” aspects like a trine) as “monster” aspects. This doesn’t mean that everyone with such as aspect is a monster. It just means that people with this aspect tend to have a desire for dominance baked into their personality. How they handle it is their choice.

Tate is on record as someone who enjoys sadistic sexual practices and he has repeatedly voiced on social media the opinion that women should be submissive to men. This doesn’t make him a monster, of course. It just makes him someone who likes to entertain monstrous thoughts. However, if the accusations of sex trafficking stick we might have to change that judgement.

I’m almost certain that if we had a time of birth for Andrew Tate we would see that he is currently under much heavier and more enduring transits than Mars opposed to the Sun. A day as bad as this isn’t typically the product of just one hard aspect. However, without that time of birth the most we can say is that Andew Tate III is have a very bad Mars moment.


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