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Following the Moon: Dec. 23, 2022

In the FTM article for the Full Moon on Dec. 7 (click here to see the article and the chart.) I said that we would find reasons to worry and cuss during this past lunation period. For many Americans that reason has been the weather, with severe weather events hitting and continuing to hit several parts of the country. If you were intent on traveling during this holiday season, then you had even more reason to cuss, since these events and other factors created chaos in airports and on highways.

I also said that there would be a dramatic event involving a person in a position of power. It turned to be a person who used to hold a position of power. The Jan. 6 committee’s announcement that it was referring criminal charges to the Dept. of Justice for Donald Trump wasn’t a surprise, but it was still a powerful blow and a good illustration of what can happen when the Moon is conjunct Mars in the Tenth House.

The New Moon chart for Dec. 23 is one that changes significantly depending on which house system you use. The one I’m using for this chart places all the emphasis on the Second House. The Second House has to do with money and resources and, in a lunation chart, that usually signals economic concerns. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.)

The fact that the Sun and Moon in this house are square Jupiter might be taken as a positive indication if we weren’t already in an inflationary cycle. In recent months we seen a decrease in the rate of inflation in the United States. This chart could be telling us that that trend is about to change. Of course, it could also be read as an indication of record holiday spending despite the inflation.

Whatever the economic news, it is unlikely to make much of an impression on the people. With Jupiter square the Sun and Moon and Neptune near the IC, this chart describes a benign disregard of the facts. We’re in the mood for a celebration and, since this lunation period covers both Christmas and New Year’s Eve, ain’t nobody going to stop us.

The wisdom of that point of view could be argued, particularly since a closer look at this chart reveals that Uranus is making a sneaky sesquiquadrate aspect to the Sun and Moon and semi-square Jupiter. These are not powerful aspects but taken together they could indicate a surprise development that will catch us all off guard. Since Uranus is in the Sixth House of health, that development could involve a surge in the COVID numbers or a new variant of the virus.

Another thing that the square to the Sun and Moon by Jupiter describes is generosity. Despite the way in which inflation has pinched the pocketbooks of so many of us, I think that this season will bring a remarkable level of giving. The fact that Uranus is trine Venus in the Second House indicates that we will find new way to direct that generosity. So maybe, instead of being a super-spreader of disease, this season will become a super-spreader of good will. That should be our Christmas wish.