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Donald Trump Trading Cardstrumpimage

When you’re an astrologer there are moments when you have to drop everything and run to your computer to see what’s going on in a person’s horoscope. When I heard about Donald Trump releasing trading cards picturing himself is various heroic guises and charging people $99.00 each for them, that was one of those moments.

These trading cards aren’t even “cards.” Their NFT’s, computer generated images that you buy with bitcoin. First of all, Trump is saying that these cards are a “limited edition.” How can that term apply that is something digital? Push a button and you have ten thousand more. Secondly, is the typical Trump supporter heavily into NFTs and digital currency? I may be making an egregious generalization here, but the Trumpers that I know are not.

But enough about the cards. What about the horoscope. I knew that transiting Neptune was currently making a square to Trump’s natal Sun. This is why he has suffered so many reversals in the courts recently. What made today special, however, was the passage of the transiting Sun in Sagittarius opposite his natal Sun and square transiting Neptune. (Click here to see Donald Trump’s chart with the transits.) What we saw today was a transit of longer duration (Neptune square the Sun) being triggered into extraordinary activity by a quicker transit (Sun oppose natal Sun). This gives you an extra dose fo Sun inspired ego and Neptunian craziness.


There are a lot of people laughing at Donald Trump right now, but the real joke is that he will probably pull in a few million off the scam. Hardcore believes will pay for these dolled up images of their idol (though some will have to bribe their grandkids into helping them make the purchase). Selling people stuff they don’t need has always been Donald Trump’s real calling. His turn as President of the United States was just a sideline.