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Marjorie Taylor Greene Has a Mars Moment

We’ve all had our Mars moments. Those are the moments when you feel impelled to lash out in a violent or extreme way even as your rational mind is shouting, “You’re going to regret that!” They generally happen when transiting Mars is making a significant aspect to something in your natal chart. So, you say things you shouldn’t, or you break things that you’ll later have to fix or, if you’re Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green,  you advocate a violent takeover of the government of the United States.

I’m, of course, referring to remarks the Congresswoman Greene made at a meeting of the Young Republicans a couple of days ago. At that time transiting Mars was square her natal Jupiter, the planet of bounty, expansion and foot-in-mouth disease. Jupiter always say “yes,” even to the most bizarre notions, and saying yes to Mars can often put you in the middle of a Mars moment.

It doesn’t help that Mars is emphasized in Greene’s natal chart. (Click on Marjorie Taylor Greene to see a horoscope done for noon on her date of birth.) It is poorly placed by sign in Cancer but square to both Venus and Uranus. Without a time of birth it is hard to know what role this T-square plays in Greene’s chart, but it does reveal a passionate nature and a less than stable emotional life.

Greene later claimed that when she said that the Jan. 6 insurrectionists would have “won” if only she had been in charge and the participants were better armed she was only joking. Haven’t we all used that line when we realize that our Mars moment has taken a dangerous, or hurtful or, maybe, treasonous turn. It helps if the people you’re with have never heard you say something that outrageous before. Then they might laugh along with you. The problem for Marjorie Taylor Greene is that she’s been heard several times making similar “jokes.”

The good thing about having a Mars moment is that, usually, Mars is moving pretty fast in its orbit. Unfortunately for Congresswoman Greene, Mars is currently moving retrograde and therefore slower. To make matters worse Greene’s secondary progressed Sun is currently conjunct her natal Mars and activating that T-square I mentioned. This secondary progressed aspect will continue into next year when Greene will probably be enjoying a more powerful position in the new Republican Congress. This should make her next Mars moment even louder and more outrageous.


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