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Following the Moon: Nov. 23, 2022

At the end of my article on the Full Moon chart for election day, Nov. 8, I wrote that expectations would be overturned. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I didn’t expect it to be my expectations, but, thankfully, it was. The election occurred without disruptions or violence and even the “election deniers” who lost politely conceded. Though many of the contests were extremely close, the overall feeling is that the election represented a return to sanity.

That sanity, unfortunately, did not extend to everyone. This lunation period brought us three mass murders in three different states: Virginia, Idaho and Colorado. All three were senseless and none of them had anything to do with politics or the election. In the Nov. 8 chart Mars was square Neptune and, as I’ve said a couple of times, Mars brings the crazy out of Neptune. This aspect was a feature of the Oct. 25 lunation chart (remember the loon with a hammer who attacked Paul Pelosi) and we’ll see it again in the Dec.7 chart, indicating that there’s more crazy to come.

The horoscope for the New Moon on Nov. 23 is a tricky beast. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) At first glance it seems to be a salad of nice trines and sextiles, with the Sun and Moon in a peaceful configuration with Jupiter. And then you take a second look and see the snake in this garden of Eden.

That snake is, once again, Mars square Neptune, only this time Mars is in a much more powerful position. Mars is in a tight conjunction with Ascendant and Neptune is in the Tenth House. This seems to describe an attack on a figure of authority. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the motivation will be political. Neptune is not interested in ideology. It draws craziness out of personal issues and a skewed perception of reality. That skewed perception can involve politics but it tends to be an extremely subjective view of such issues.

We can take some comfort from the fact that Mars is also trine Saturn in this chart. This indicates that the craziness that is likely to erupt from the square by Mars to Neptune will be contained. (Saturn represents boundaries.) Unfortunately, as the shooting in Colorado demonstrates, even when a killer with modern firearms is swiftly contained, a lot of lives can still be lost.

But what about the Sun and Moon and that nice trine to Jupiter? There is always the hope that the “good” aspects will outweigh the “bad,” and this is a very positive configuration. Unfortunately, though, there’s generally enough room in our lives for both the good and the bad. We have to suffer the “bad” even while we’re enjoying the “good.”

The fact that the Sun and Moon are placed in the Sixth House indicates that the important stuff that happens during this lunation period will be buried in routine matters and minutia, On the other hand, ,Jupiter is in the Tenth House, which describes something very public and visible. I wonder if this doesn’t involve Biden’s plan to forgive some student loans, a matter that is currently bound up in the courts. After all, the Sun and Moon (along with Mercury and Venus) are in Sagittarius, a sign traditionally associated with higher education and Jupiter in the Tenth could be read as generosity coming from a figure of authority.

Of course, this New Moon will also cover Thanksgiving Day and the beginning of the Christmas buying season. The prominence of Jupiter in this chart is a good omen for both. Maybe the craziness of Mars square Neptune will take the form of mad shopping sprees and burned out credit cards. That might not be the best idea in these uncertain economic times, but it’s a hell of a lot better than a smoking gun.


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