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Kevin McCarthy Gets a Jupiter MomentMcCarthyK Image

The planet Jupiter, associated with expansion and the favor of the gods, is currently blessing Kevin McCarthy. The midterm elections seem primed to create a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. As the current minority leader, McCarthy would be the top candidate to become Speaker of the House, a position that he has long coveted.

Right now transiting Jupiter is opposed to McCarthy’s Mars. (Click here to see a horoscope done for noon on McCarthy’s date of birth.) At the same time transiting Uranus is conjunct McCarthy’s natal Jupiter and opposed to his natal Neptune. It’s hard to argue with two Jupiter aspects like that. Though there’s still some hope that Democrats will pull off a few miracle wins and hold their majority in the House, these aspects indicate that McCarthy will be the one waving the gavel next year.

Or will he? The fact is that many members of this soon-to-be Republican majority find McCarthy woefully insufficiently in his loyalty to Donald Trump. Never mind that the midterms elections were a major blow to Trump’s control of the Republican Party, these Representatives may still be looking to replace Kevin McCarthy with someone more responsive to the ex-president’s direction.

And even if McCarthy is elected Speaker, he will be taking the job with an extremely slim majority. He will be tasked with not just keeping the Trumpers in his party happy, but also the non-Trumpers who might be inclined to vote with the Democrats. The divide between these traditional Republicans and Donald Trump Republicans has become nearly as wide as the one between Republicans and Democrats and, if he is elected speaker, McCarthy will have to find a way to bridge that gap.

Of course, there's still a chance that the Democrats will still hold the majority in the House and that all those headaches will belong to Nancy Pelosi. Maybe that will be McCarthy's Jupiter moment. Instead of giving him what he wants Jupiter might help his avoid what is sure to be stormy two years.


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