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We Have to Talk About RogerStoneRogerimage

Sometimes you encounter an individual without a birthtime whose personality so emphatically exemplifies one sign that you have to rectify their horoscope in a way that puts that sign on the Ascendant. Such is the case with Roger Stone, the long-time political operative and lobbyist. Stone is known for his love of attention and when you see a Sun sign Virgo who craves attention, you’ve got to think that Leo is rising in that horoscope. (Click here to see a chart for Roger Stone roughly rectified to put Leo on the Ascendant.)

Along with his flamboyant mode of dress and attention seeking actions, Roger Stone is also known for his use of political subterfuge and dirty tricks. In 2020, some of these tricks led to Stone being convicted of lying the FBI. (Thanks to a last minute Presidential pardon, Stone served no time for this crime.). Stone is also known for his ardent admiration such shady political characters as Roy Cohn, Richard Nixon and Donald Trump.

This is the reason that we have to talk about Roger Stone  Stone is unapologetic about his admiration for those who achieve power by any means necessary. He sees the world has divided between winners and losers. The losers are weak, fixated on the belief that they can make life better for the other losers in the world. The winners, on the other hand, are only concerned with winning. They may mouth platitudes about patriotism and helping the weak but their real aim is getting power.

In Roger Stone’s horoscope Jupiter is square Pluto and Pluto is conjunct the South Node of the Moon. (In my rectified chart, Pluto is also in the First House.) In astrology, Pluto has always been associated with displays of power. Pluto entered the public consciousness with the rise of Hitler and Stalin and the explosion of the atomic bomb. For better or worse, power is Pluto’s birthmark.

In my book, “The Lunar Nodes,” I describe how people with Pluto aspecting the Lunar Nodes often feel a close identification with the events and trends of their times. For this reason they are prone to get caught up in those events. In some cases this identification with the trends of their times benefits these people, and in others it destroys them.

Stone’s career has followed a disturbing trend in American politics, a trend that makes power the end rather than the means. The sort of dirty dealings that Stone is known for used to get done on the sly, in smoke-filled rooms. Now they’re done openly and openly praised by the powerful people who benefit from them. In today’s political world it makes no difference how a person achieves power, or how qualified a person is for a position of power. The only thing that matters is the power.

Roger Stone did not start this trend. He just used it to make himself rich and to curry the favor of people in high office. However, his flamboyance and shameless advocacy for such tactics and the people who use them have made Stone a sort of poster child for politics without principles. Even though he’s now an old man and is probably near the end of his career, Stone has created a legacy that far outweighs his accomplishments or his importance.

How far the trend that Roger Stone has spent his life so blissfully advocating will go remains to be seen. Pluto is a planet of extremes but it is also the planet of transformation. Just when Pluto seems on the verge of become one thing, it can transform itself into something quite different. It doesn’t seem likely that Pluto will work this way in the horoscope of Roger Stone. What it does in the horoscope of the United States is another matter.


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