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Following the Moon: Oct. 9, 2022GGAMoon

I really messed up with the New Moon chart for Sept. 25. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I knew Hurricane Ian was approaching Florida but I assumed that it would be a localized event. Of course, it turned out to be crisis situation, not only for Florida, but for several other states and an event that captured the attention of the entire nation. This was clearly shown in the Sept. 25 chart by the conjunction of Mars to the IC (home) and the aspects to the Sun and Moon. I just missed it.

While this lunation period was outstandingly cruel to those people in Ian’s path, it was remarkably kind to the thousands of people (along with their families) who had their marijuana convictions pardoned by President Biden. This was the surprise revelation that I was expecting from this New Moon chart. Also, even though we all mourned the suffering and loss of life caused by Ian, this lunation period was relatively peaceful in other respects.

I’ve done the Full Moon chart for Oct. 9 in the Placidus house system. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) The house positions in this chart shift depending on what house system is used. I chose Placidus because it puts the Sun in the Seventh House and the Moon in the First. I thought this was the more optimistic placements.

Regardless of which house system you use, the Sun in this Full Moon chart is conjunct Venus and both the Sun and Moon make positive aspects to Saturn. This a very friendly alignment. Even though the upcoming election is raising tension across the country, this configuration seems to be telling us that cooler heads will prevail, at least during the next two weeks.

The house system I’m using places the Sun and Moon in angular house which usually indicates significant developments. This makes those “friendly” aspects I mentioned more important. Of course, the square between Saturn and Uranus is tightening in this chart. That friendliness is going to be challenged by the intense partisanship that this square represents.

Jupiter in this chart is placed in the First House, another positive indicator, and it is opposed to Mercury. Mercury is also trine Pluto. This could refer to the final public hearing with the Jan. 6 committee that is scheduled for Oct. 13. It indicates that there will be surprising revelations but that the “shock and awe” of these revelation could be muted by Jupiter’s tendency toward complacency.

The thing that worries me about this chart is the placement of Mars in the Fourth House square Neptune. Mars tends to bring the crazy out of Neptune, while Neptune adds a pinch of delusion to the typical Martian belligerence. Saturn is trine Mars but the aspect is wide, while the square to Neptune is within a degree.

This configuration could describe another disastrous weather event (since Mars is in the Fourth House of home) or a mass shooting. However, there is an even scarier possibility out there. Vladimir Putin’s threats of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine cannot be dismissed and if this were to happen, the United States and NATO would have to respond. I don’t even want to think about what could happen after that, but it would certainly make this a very significant lunation chart, even if there was no one left to read it.