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Following the Moon: Sept. 25, 2022

I had high hopes for the Full Moon chart for Sept, 10. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I felt that the placement of Venus on the Ascendant indicated a lunation period relatively free of drama and, for the most part, this seems to have been the case. For one thing, even though President Biden might have been having a “senior moment” when he announced that the COVID 19 pandemic is over, polls indicate that most Americans are thinking along the same lines, even if health care experts aren’t.

Inflation continues to be a concern and the stock market is down but that was somewhat offset by good news coming out of Ukraine. It’s nice to have an ally who uses the billions they get from American coffers to actually win battles. I had predicted something coming out of the Ninth House, which rules courts and the justice system, that would make everyone happy. We sort of got that with a couple announcements that put increased pressure on former President Trump. Admitted, only about half of Americans are happy about this but the other half are following the example of their leader and mostly ignoring it all,

The New Moon chart for Sept. 25 (click on New Moon to see the horoscope) also contains some hopeful indicators. However, it is different from the Sept. 10 chart in one significant and worrisome way. Instead of lovely Venus riding an angle and dominating the horoscope, this chart has belligerent Mars powerfully placed.

Let’s talk about the good new first. The Sun and Moon are in the Seventh House opposite Jupiter. This is an expansive aspect and I think it reflects the growing feeling (justified or not) that the pandemic is behind us. The fact is that we might actually have a few weeks of pandemic free living before the surge that is projected for this winter kicks it. Why not enjoy it? (At least, that’s what Jupiter says.)

Of course, this Jupiterian expansion could also be tied to inflation. Even though neither of the financial houses (Second and Eighth) are directly involved, this aspect could cause people to spend more freely which, in turn, will make the task of cooling off this inflationary economy even more difficult.

The other important configuration in this chart is the conjunction of Mercury and Venus, also in the Seventh. This duo is opposite Neptune and trine Pluto. This is interesting because, while Neptune conceals and obscures reality, Pluto often bring it to the surface in a dramatic way. This lunation period is likely to bring us some startling revelations. These could come out of one of the many investigations and hearings that are currently going on, or (since Mercury is the strongest planet in the configuration) it could be the product of good ol’ investigative journalism.

That brings us to Mars on the I.C. Mars is typically an easy planet to read. When it dominates a chart things get blown up and people get shot. However, in this chart Mars is trine Saturn which is placed in the Twelfth House of secrets. Mars also forms a wide trine to Neptune and, more importantly, a tight semi-sextile to Uranus. Whatever comes out of this configuration is going to surprise us.

One alarming possibility is an escalation of the war in Ukraine that would draw the United States deeper into the conflict. Putin has actually talked about using tactical nuclear weapons and, given the reversals his military has recently suffered, these threats shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, the fact that Saturn is trine Mars indicates that whatever actions come out of this placement will be informed by a voice of rational practicality. Let’s hope that whoever the actor turns out to be hears that voice.

Finally, we also need to consider the fact that the Sun and Moon in this New Moon chart form a sesquiquadrate aspect to Saturn and Uranus (which are square one another). The sesquiquadrate is a minor aspect, but it could be significant in this case because it connects the New Moon with a major, history-making transit. The best case scenario is that this configuration describes a sharp increase in the contentious, partisan nattering that typically occurs in the weeks before an election. The worst case is something so awful that would make all that political blather irrelevant. Personally, I’m rooting for more political blather.


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