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Saturn Square Uranus EncoreSaturnsqUranus Image

For much of 2021 we dealt with the transiting square of Saturn to Uranus and the loud, unruly argument it produced between authoritarian Saturn and contrarian Uranus. I’m not sure if anyone has been calling for an encore of that rage and divisiveness and, but that’s what we’ll be getting during the next few weeks as these two planets once more move within a degree of a 90 degree aspect. This may be the last gasp of this significant transit but it seems likely that it will go out with a roar rather than a whimper.

I’ve written about this transit previously (click here to see a previous article) and stressed its relationship with the continuing complaints we hear from Donald Trump and his minions that the 2020 election was stolen. It makes no difference that there is no credible evidence that such a thing happened. That’s the Saturn experts talking and Uranus doesn’t want to hear any of it. For Uranus the louder people is positions of authority voice one opinion, the more likely it is that the opposite is true.

It probably no accident that this aspect is flirting with completion (it will never be exact during this period) in the months leading up to the 2022 midterm election. A lot of the Republican candidates who will be on that ballot are people who have offered at least tactic support to Trump’s “Big Lie.” They’ve taken the contrarian route of Uranus to an extreme that challenges reality. The results of the election will reveal how many people are willing to follow them into this fantasy realm, whether because they agree or because they just find the contrarian viewpoint more entertaining.

It is probably also no accident that this Saturn to Uranus square kicks into gear just as transiting Pluto nears its final conjunction to Pluto in the natal chart of the United States (the Sibly chart). This seems to indicate  that this election will have more to say about the fate of our democracy than the much anticipated presidential election of 2024. That’s because a Congress full of election deniers would have a lot to say about how the 2024 election would be held.

And then we have Neptune, which has been moving back and forth opposite the position of Neptune in the U.S natal chart. I have previously connected this with what some people are calling the “post-truth” era. That is to say, a time when the idea of an objective “truth” has become obsolete and what is true and real depends totally on one’s point of view. Of course, this is all symptomatic of the foggy thinking and blurred boundaries for with Neptune is famous but on a national scale it can have scary ramifications.

So that’s where we are for the last four months of 2022. We are a nation arguing over what is true even as we doubt if such a thing as truth is even possible. And we’re doing this in the midst of a transformative aspects that only comes around every 250 years. To say these are interesting times would be a huge understatement. In fact, they are times of great importance to the United States and to the truths we hold to be self-evident.


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