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Following the Moon: Aug. 27, 2022

The Full Moon chart for Aug. 11 revealed a great deal of tension but, with Neptune on the Ascendant and the Sun and Moon in the Sixth/Twelfth House axis, I felt that much of this tension would be hidden from the public. (Click here to see the article and the chart.)This was certainly the case with the documents taken from Mar-o-largo last month. The FBI was forced to release the search warrant for that raid, but after information deemed sensitive was redacted from the document, reading it is a bit like reading tea leaves.

Neptune on the Ascendant also had a little fun with us or, at least, with a few members of Congress. When some Republican members went on social media characterizing the forgiveness of certain student loans ordered by President Biden as a gift to the “elites” at the expense of the working class, the White House responded with messages showing how many these same Representatives had five, six and, in a couple of cases, seven figure loans forgiven by the government during the pandemic. Neptune obscures and dissembles, but it also has a wicked sense of humor.

Unfortunately, there’s not much evidence of that sense of humor in the New Moon chart for Aug. 27. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) It is also an intense horoscope but none of that intensity is going to be hidden. In fact, it may be all too visible.

This New Moon chart features a nearly exact square to the Sun and Moon by Mars. The Sun and Moon are in the Second House, which typically signals economic news. However, violence is always a concern when Mars is involved. So, though this aspect could be read as a describing a sudden and jolting downward turn in the stock market or some other economic indicator, we also have to acknowledge the possibility of a bloodier expression of Mars, such as a mass shooting or violent weather event.

The square by Mars to the Sun and Moon, by itself, gives us plenty to worry about but, in this chart, that’s just the beginning. We also have a T-square involving Venus, Saturn and Uranus. The power of this aspect is turned up a notch because it involves angular houses. Again, there is nothing hidden here. The aspect describes shocking events get attention and could have major repercussions.

The fact that Venus is involved in this T-square and is placed in the First House of this chart could be taken as an indicator that his major shift could involve the economy. We could see an increase in inflation and/or a further tilt toward recession. And, of course, this also seems to reaffirms what we saw with the Sun and Moon in the Second House square Mars.

However, we also have the consider the fact that the peak of this T-square, which typically represents the focal point, is Uranus in the Tenth House. Also, a major feature of this aspect is the square between Saturn and Uranus, an aspect and an argument that’s been with us for well over a year. What this aspect has done during that time is exacerbate the partisan divide that has plagued this country for so long.

What this all seems to describe is an intense dissatisfaction with our leadership. This could be focused on the White House, Congress or even some state officials. Since we’re talking about Uranus, that dissatisfaction could easily take a radical and totally unforeseen turn. Obiviously, problems with the economy could spark such dissatisfaction but this aspect seems to be talking about something more than our typical complaints about inflation.

When we consider all the other things this chart could be telling us, it would seem then that bad news about the economy might be seen as a relief. Certainly it is going to be an interesting two weeks. Just keep in mind that, over the past few years, we’ve survived many such “interesting” lunations and, with luck, we’ll survive many more.


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