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Liz Cheney ReleaseCheneyLizImage

The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into three different qualities or modes: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. If you’re looking for a one word summation of these three qualities a good one would be: Cardinal = Action, Mutable = Fluidity and Fixed = Principles.

With the Sun and Mercury in Leo and Taurus Rising, Liz Cheney has a strong Fixed Sign signature. (Click on Liz Cheney to see the chart.) Fixed sign people aren’t necessarily stubborn. They can be quite loosey-goosey about many things. But when you start talking about their core principles and values you’re going to always hit a stone wall. Fixed Sign people typically form these basic principles early in their lives and stick to them regardless of changes in circumstance or public opinion.

Getting a Fixed Sign person to alter their principles generally requires something big, something devastating and traumatic. For Liz Cheney that traumatic event came on Jan. 6, 2021. It should come as no surprise that on that day transiting Uranus was at six degrees of Taurus, directly on her Taurus Ascendant. Changing long-held, entrenched opinions and methods is, more or less, what Uranus is all about. The events of Jan. 6 did this for a lot of Americans but it was especially disruptive to the Fixed mind set of Liz Cheney.

Before Trump’s insurrectionists invaded the Capitol, Cheney went along with the Republican Party line. It didn’t matter what she thought about President Donald Trump. He was promoting the same conservative values and principles that she has long held. So, when the House was voting on the first Trump impeachment in 2019, Cheney voted “no.”

After the events of Jan 6 (and the passage of Uranus over her Ascendant) that changed. Cheney joined the House Committee that was investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection and agreed with Democrats who found Donald Trump personally responsible for that violent uprising. She didn’t seem to care what her fellow Republicans thought of this or how her actions would impact her political career. Her principles may have been shaken by Uranus but they remained as Fixed as ever.

Yesterday, in the Wyoming primary, Liz Cheney lost to someone who was more flexible in her regard of Donald Trump. It is not unusual for Fixed Sign people to get themselves into trouble by sticking to their principles. It is particularly true for Fixed Sign politicians, whose principles don’t always agree with the changing priorities of their constituents. However, it is interesting that the transits to Liz Cheney’s natal chart yesterday were not the stuff of doom and gloom. In fact, she had transiting Jupiter in a powerful aspect to her natal Venus, an aspect that more typically represents comfort and release.

In her concession speech Cheney promised to continue her fight against another Donald Trump presidency and she even hinted at running for president herself. Freed of the burden of trying to align her principles with the opinions of her Wyoming constituent, Cheney can go her own way. She can follow her principles regardless of what other people might think. Where this will take her remains to be seen, but for a Fixed Sign person, there can be no better way to live.

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