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Following the Moon: Aug. 11, 2022

In my assessment of the New Moon chart for July 28 (click here to see the article and the chart) I predicted a shocking event that would “knock our socks off.” I thought we might have gotten that when, against all expectations, Senator Joe Manchin signed on to the Democratic spending bill designed to bring down the cost of prescription medicine and bolster clean energy. That seemed reasonably surprising but it still didn’t have the Uranian jolt that I was expecting. Then, just a couple of days before the end of this lunation period, we had the shocking and completely unprecedented raid on the home of former president Donald Trump by the FBI.

Bam! Regardless of whether you see this raid as an egregious overreach by the Justice Department or a long overdue day of reckoning for Donald Trump, this event had all the features laid out by the T-square in the July 28 New Moon chart. We had Mercury in the Tenth House (figures of authority) opposed to Saturn (justice) square Uranus (surprise, surprise, surprise). Of course, in order to see how this will all play out we will need to consult future lunation charts, starting with the Full Moon for Aug. 11.

The Full Moon chart for Aug. 11 (click on Full Moon to see the chart) is in some ways even more dramatic than the July 28 chart. To  start with, we have another T-square involving Uranus. This one has Uranus square the opposition of the Sun and Moon and, just to spice things up, we also have a Saturn and Mars drawn into the mix. Saturn is conjunct the Moon and square Mars.

What’s different about this Full Moon chart is that the Sun and Moon are placed in the Sixth and Twelfth House. This typically means that the major events of this lunation period will be happening either behind closed doors or buried in the minutia of routine. On top of that we have Neptune very close to the Ascendant of this chart, indicating that true nature of events will be obscured or disguised. It is likely that Uranus will once again bring us another shocking turn of events but finding the true source and true meaning of that event will not be easy.

Another way of looking at this chart is to focus on the square from Saturn to both Uranus and Mars in the Second House. The Second House has to do with finance and this could describe a sudden tilt toward recession. We’ve certainly heard economists talk about the possibility of a recession. But economics is a numbers game and, with Neptune on the Ascendant of this chart, there is likely to be disagreement and confusion about the veracity and meaning of those numbers.

We need to also consider the opposition in this chart of Venus to Pluto. Pluto is also trine Mars, sextile Neptune and sesquiquadrate Mercury. I see this as indicating some serious backlash to the Mar-a-largo raid by Trump’s more extreme followers and, with Mars trine Pluto, this backlash could get violent. Once again, Neptune on the angle becomes a factor, twisting information and putting passion ahead of the facts.

Overall, this will be an unsettled lunation period with a lot of noise and very little clarity. Neptune shows us what we want to see. Getting past that and finding out what’s really going on is going to require some heavy duty digging.

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