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Following the Moon: July 13, 2022

I was happy to see that some of  the more dire indications I saw in the New Moon chart for June 28 (click here to see the article and the chart) failed to materialize. We did not have a violent reaction to the demise of Roe vs. Wade. Though the past two weeks has brought us more incidents of gun violence in the U.S., there has been no dramatic increase. Instead, it has been gun violence in other countries that has grabbed headlines.

The dominant feature of the June 28 chart turned out to be the prominent placement of Venus. Women and women’s issues took center stage. The lunation period started off with the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson before the Jan. 9 Committee. Her revelations about the behavior of Donald Trump and the people around him on that day are still reverberating. On top of this we had actions by both governments and businesses designed to help women in the post-Roe-v-Wade era. This was the backlash the New Moon chart indicated but it was peaceful.

Unfortunately, the chart for the Full Moon on July 13 paints a different picture. Here it is not Venus, but combative Mars that is prominently placed on one of the angles. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) Mars is in a disagreeable sign (Taurus) and receives no aspects so, traditionally speaking, it is regarded as weak. However, having a weak planet in a strong place is never a good idea. It tends to bring out the worst of that planets symbolic nature.

Mars is on the Descendant and the cusp of the Seventh House of the “other.” This could indicate conflict with a foreign country. This might be an indication that our involvement in the war in Ukraine could escalate or a confrontation with another nation, like Iran or China. However, this is the USA and we don’t have to look overseas for violent actors. The “other” could be one of us.

There are more hopeful indicators in this chart. The opposition of the Sun and Moon occupy the Ninth and Third Houses and the Sun is conjunct Mercury in the Ninth. The Sun and Mercury are both trine Neptune in the Fifth House. This could indicate some legal action effecting the entertainment industry. It could also be taken to mean that the news that dominates this lunation period will trend toward pleasantly diverting rather than bombastically alarming.

Neptune is also involved in a close square aspect to Venus which is in Gemini in the Eighth House. This could indicate more problems for the economy but, since Neptune (at its worst) is all about deception and pretense, it could be more about the perception of economic woes. The placement of Venus in the Eighth House tells us that these perceptions will play on our fears and on our emotions.

Uranus is also a significant factor in this chart. It is trine the Moon and sextile the Sun and Mercury. Since Uranus is all about innovation, this lunation period could bring us some exciting breakthroughs in technology, particularly in the fields of communication and transportation. Uranus is in the Seventh House so these development could originate in another country or impact foreign travel.

Basically, this lunation chart (like so many) is a mixed bag. There are plenty of positive indicators but also a chance for increased economic worry. And hanging over it all is the possibility of a explosion of violence and conflict.

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