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DeSantis vs. TrumpDeSantisTrumpImage

We hear a lot about the disfunction of the Democratic Party these days (with good reason) but it seems that the Republican Party is also going through an identity crisis. During last Spring's primary season the endorsement of ex-President Donald Trump turned out to be the golden ticket for some candidates, but the kiss of death for others. This inconsistency has some people wondering if someone other than Trump will be heading the Republican ticket in 2024 and the name that comes up most often in this regard is that of Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

I briefly discussed the horoscope of DeSantis (without a time of birth) in a previous article. (Click here to see that article.) This time I ran a double chart with the horoscope of Donald Trump in the middle and a partial horoscope for DeSantis in the outer circle. (Click on Trump/DeSantis to see that chart.) This double chart reveals some interesting information about the relationship of these two men.

Before we get into the horoscopes, it should be noted that, in terms of policy, Trump and DeSantis are more or less in complete agreement. No governor has gone farther that DeSantis to minimalize the COVID 19 pandemic and DeSantis recently appointed a man to oversee Florida elections who shares Trump’s conviction that the 2020 election was rigged. Both Trump and DeSantis believe in a “small” government that accents local control and both have shown a willingness to put aside that belief when the locals do something they don’t like. Politically, they are peas in a pod.

The astrology, however, tells us a different story. We can start with DeSantis’ Sun which is in Virgo in close square aspect to Donald’s Trump’s Sun in Gemini. Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury but, while Gemini likes to tell stories, Virgo prefers to get things done. The square between the Suns shows that this difference in approach grates on the two men. We might assume that, to DeSantis practical Virgo self, Trump seems shallow and fatuous while Trump regards DeSantis’ quiet, Virgo efficiency as devious.

If that were the only conflict between these two charts it could easily be overcome. People connected by square aspects can work well together once they both understand the nature of their disagreement. However, in this case there is more. DeSantis’ Sun is also square the Nodes of the Moon in Trump’s chart. In my book on the Lunar Nodes I place the influence of these points on a different level than the life we live on this earthly plane. They refer to a higher existence, one that reaches back into the depths of our consciousness and into past lives. This aspect indicates that DeSantis and Trump aren’t just at odds in the tiny world of U.S. politics. They have a beef that might well stretch across several past lives.

Even if you’re not into reincarnation, there is still more bad news in this chart comparison. Mars in DeSantis’ chart is square Venus Trump’s. (It is also sextile Trump’s Mars but I don’t see that as helpful.) This might be a good aspect if the two men were lovers. It is a connection that generates passion and desire. It’s just that, once the passion is gone, each person finds something about the other that totally pisses them off.

Of course, passion is not likely to save this relationship. One reason for this is the fact that DeSantis’ Mars also square Trump’s natal Saturn. This indicates that DeSantis sees Trump as someone who is blocking his ambition. No matter how much the two men might agree with one another when it comes to politics, DeSantis is always going to see himself as confined in Trump’s presence.

We could also go into the possibility that the Moon in DeSantis’ chart is opposed to Mars in Trump’s, but the real clincher in the conflict between these two horoscopes has less to do what separates them and more to do with what they have in common. Both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis were born with the Sun conjunct the North Node of the Moon.

In my book on the Lunar Nodes I pay particular attention to aspects by the Sun to the Nodes of the Moon. Aspects that emphasize the North Node (conjunctions, squares and trines to that point) accent the ego. They bring out the avatar of the hero, the star and the leader. You find them in the horoscopes of people like Napoleon Bonaparte, Benito Mussolini, Oliver Cromwell, Boris Johnson and Jair Bolsonaro. These aspects don’t always present as the “alpha male” but, as these examples illustrate, they often do, and this is certainly the case with both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

The idea that Trump and DeSantis could join forces in 2024 is in no way precluded by the several conflicting connections between their charts. American history is filled with political allies who hated one another. What makes such an alliance unlikely is the aspect they share between the Sun and the North Node of the Moon. What we can expect this is for these to political “peas in a pod” to remain at odds until 2024, when they will very likely duke it out like two "alphas" after the same bone in front of the entire world.