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Following the Moon: June 28, 2022

The Full Moon chart for June 14 (click here to see the article and the chart) presented us with a perplexing contradiction. The Sun and Moon were aspect both wish-fulfilling Neptune and restrictive Saturn. Evidence of this astrological contradiction came when Congress passed a historic gun control bill and, on the same day, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that made controlling the proliferation of firearms more difficult.

I also said that the really important stuff would be happening behind closed doors. It was from behind the closed doors of the Supreme Court that the big news of this lunation period emerged. That was the striking down of Roe vs. Wade. The fact that we all knew this was coming didn’t make the event any less impactful. That impact is going to be felt for years to come.

This ruling presented us with a second contradiction. While the Supreme Court that Donald Trump largely created was redefining the status of women in the United States, the Select Committee on Jan. 6 was revealing how Donald Trump tried to subvert the Constitution and hold on the presidency. This was also a manifestation of the trine between Mercury and Pluto in the June 14 chart. Secrets were revealed and those secrets were both dark and unsettling.

The New Moon chart for June 26 (click on New Moon to see the chart) might give us some respite from all these harrowing events. I say “might” because this chart is also loaded with contradictions.

One the one hand, this chart presents us with the Sun and Moon in Cancer (the sign the Moon rules) in the Fifth House of creativity. Both the Sun and Moon form a very close square to Jupiter. Jupiter expands and, given the placement the Sun and Moon, there good reason to expect a general expansion of optimism and creative energy. We might also look for good news involving children or the entertainment industry.

One way to look at this square is to remember Jupiter’s association with the clergy. In many of the churches in the United States the end of Roe vs. Wade is being celebrated. The ruling also represents an expansion of the power of those churches. However, that interpretation clashes with the other positive indicator in this chart.

Along with the square between the Sun and Moon and Jupiter, we have Venus powerfully placed at the very bottom of the chart on the I.C. Not only is Venus a benefic, promising beauty and harmony, it tends to accent the influence of women. There doesn’t seem much chance of a harmonious balance between the religious opponents of abortion and feminist groups that see the end of Roe as a blow against women. What these two positive indicators seem to be promising, therefore, is a lot of noise and agitation coming from both groups.

That brings us to what’s on the other hand. There we have a square between Mars and Pluto, a classic indicator of violence and destruction. The fact that Pluto is the Twelfth House indicates that this violence could come from an unexpected source, somewhere that was previously hidden from us. Adding to the worrisome quality of this aspect, we have Saturn strongly placed in the First House and it is sextile Mars and (once again) semi-sextile Neptune.

This possibility of a violent reaction to the downfall of Roe vs. Wade is not really news. Law enforcement agencies all across the country are gearing up for it. However, the nature of these aspects seems to lend itself to something more than the actions of one lone actor. The fact that Pluto is in the Twelfth describes destructive emotions that run deep and long. It may not be so much the immediate reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling that we need to fear during this lunation period as it is the seeds of anger and resentment that that ruling has sewn.

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