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The Horoscope of John EastmanEastmanJohn

During the yesterday's hearing by the Select Committee on Jan. 6 one name kept cropping up over and over. That was John Eastman. Dr. Eastman was a professor of law at Chapman University. (He resigned from that position last year.) He is also the founding director of a conservative “think tank.” Previous to the Trump administration he seems to have been a highly respected expert on constitutional law. However, his recent service that administration has cast some doubt on that.

A partial horoscope for Eastman (unfortunately, we do not have a time of birth) looks quite positive. (For Eastman’s partial horoscope, see below.) His Sun in Taurus is part of a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Pluto and Jupiter and Pluto both sextile his natal Neptune, forming a “kite” configuration. What this indicates is that Eastman's road to success has been smoothed by incidents of good fortune. Of course, that is no way diminishes his accomplishments.

Eastman is a Taurus by Sun sign. Taurus people don’t generally do well with abstract thinking. Their wheel-house tends to be matters closer to the earth. If we had a time of birth for Dr. Eastman, I would expect a strong placement for Uranus or Mercury, the two planets most closely associated with academic and theoretical pursuits.

However, the one thing Taurus people are noted for is their intractable loyalty. If you have a Taurus friend then you have a friend who will be on your side through thick of thin. Since Donald Trump is a man who values loyalty above everything, it is no mystery why, when his reelection seemed to be in serious jeopardy, he called on Eastman to make it all better.

Eastman had previously proved that loyalty when, after the 2020 election, he filed a suit in federal court saying that the state of Texas had to right in invalidate the election result in several states other than Texas. Previous to this, Eastman had written an op-ed claiming that Camilla Harris (whose birth certificate says she was born in California) was not a  United States citizen. It was this resume of devotion that caused the Trump administration to call upon Eastman when they needed to find an excuse to overturn the results of the 2020 election that was at least vaguely constitutional.

That was on December 24, 2020, when Saturn was moving into a square to Eastman's natal Sun. Saturn was moving fast during this period and by Jan. 1 the aspect was exact. On Jan 6 (click here to see a double chart with a partial natal chart for Eastman in the middle and the placements for 2PM on Jan. 6 on the outside) the aspect was waning, but still within a degree.

When Saturn makes a hard aspect to the Sun we are called upon the show the world what we’re made off. We take on the role of the leader, the savior and the hero. Of course, we have to do this within the limits of integrity, discipline and tradition set by Saturn. That is often the rub. When your goals are not in line with tradition or discipline or integrity these Saturn/Sun transits can be very difficult.

The opinions offered during yesterday’s hearing, from members of  Donald Trump’s legal team, members of Mike Pence’s legal team and even from Dr. Eastman former teacher all indicate that John Eastman’s behavior under this transit did not toe that strict Saturn line. In fact, there were strong intimations that the advice (or delusions) that Dr. Eastman offered then President Trump were directly responsible for the storming of the Capitol Building.

Our destiny is always, in one way or another, the product of our choices. This is true of every astrological transit but it is particularly true with Saturn transits. I thought it was striking that Dr. Eastman’s former teacher in constitutional law testified before the committee in opposition to the opinion Eastman had offered President Trump. The teacher is a archetypical representation of Saturn, and in this case the “teacher” was not at all happy with the choices made by Dr John Eastman.