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Following the Moon: June 14, 2022

The May 30 New Moon chart (click here to see the article and the chart) was a strange bird. It had the Sun and the Moon in the Twelfth House, indicating things happening behind closed doors, and Mars conjunct Jupiter in the Tenth House which seemed to promise dramatic action. As it happened, we got a bit of both.

Both the tenuous compromise in the Senate on a gun control bill and the first two televised hearings of the House Jan. 6 committee came out of intense wrangling behind closed doors. And yet, they both reflect at least the promise of a dramatic shift in the country’s thinking. Of course, the May 30 chart also had Neptune in the Tenth House, which can describe unfulfilled promises. The promises of these two events are both still a long way from becoming a reality.

In my analysis of the Mary 30 chart, I worried that the fact that Mars and Jupiter were conjunct in Aries indicated more mass shootings. We did see such incidents in Maryland and other places. However, the most striking display of violence came out the Jan 6 Committee’s recordings of the insurrectionist who took over the Capitol Building. I was concerned that the violence indicated by this conjunction might be directed toward figures of authority. Instead, it was figures of authority who provided us with images of violence.

The Full Moon chart for June 14 also places the Sun in the Twelfth House, with the Moon in the Sixth. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) The outstanding feature of the horoscope is the fact that the Sun and Moon form a T-square with Neptune in the Ninth House. However, they also form a trine, sextile configuration with Saturn, which is in a nearly exact semi-sextile with Neptune.

This is one of those astrological oxymorons that drive astrologers crazy. Neptune symbolizes our perception of reality and our vision of the future, both of which are famously subject to deception and wish-fulfillment. Saturn, on the other hand, tells us the facts and just the facts. The contradictions provided by these two aspects are obvious. And yet, we live in a political world in which the contradictions of vision and reality are everywhere.

These aspects are likely to express their contradictions to the fullest in the coming debate over the compromise bill on gun control now being written in the Senate. Perceptions of reality and horrified visions of the future will clash with the cold, hard fact that it’s just too easy for a crazy person to acquire a semi-automatic rifle in this country. In the past, Neptune (and the NRA) has always won these debates but maybe this time Saturn has a fighting chance.

Once again we have we have Mars and Jupiter in Aries strongly placed in the Tenth House. The only difference is that this time they are not conjunct. We could hope that the absence of this conjunction would lessen the violent tendecies of this aspect, but I wouldn’t count on it. At the same time, since we dealing with the Tenth House of leadership, this aspect could be describing the explosive potential of the activity of the House Select Committee on Jan. 6.

The one unequivocal indicator in this chart is the trine between Pluto and Mercury which is also strongly placed in its own sign (Gemini). This aspect describes a flow of information that reveals deep secrets and hidden trends. With Pluto involved, we shouldn’t expect anything jolly in this information. It is more likely to be sobering and lead to a profound reassessment of our priorities as a nation. Since Pluto is in the Seventh House of the “other” the source of this information is likely to be a foreign country.

Overall, this lunation period is likely to be just as fraught with conflict and changes as the last one. Still, we have to remember that, with the Sun in the Twelfth House and the Moon in the Sixth, the really important stuff is probably happening quietly in routine activities occurring behind closed doors.