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Following the Moon: May 30, 2022

At the beginning of this lunation period we were all mourning the loss of life in Buffalo, New York. At the end we find ourselves counting dead school children in Uvalde, Texas. I had predicted that the Full Moon (and eclipse) chart for May 16 (click here to see the article and the chart) was going to give us a “bumpy ride,” but I missed the potential for further violence in that chart. I should have picked up the close conjunction of Mars and Neptune (delusional anger) and the fact that that conjunction is connected to Saturn in the Full Moon chart by a semi-sextile.

The May 16 chart also described dissatisfaction with our leadership. That has been quite evident during the past few days, as it always is after one of these mass murders. People are calling on Congress to institute some sort of sensible control on the proliferation of guns. Apparently, even some Republicans have heard that call. It has been reported that Mitch McConnell as expressed interest in working out a bi-partisan deal on gun control. Whether is a real step forward or just a ploy remains to be seen, but it is still provides us with a glimmer of hope.

The New Moon chart (click on New Moon to see the horoscope) for May 30 is not nearly as intense as the last Full Moon chart. It places the Sun and Moon in the Twelfth House, which indicates that the important stuff happening during this period will take place behind closed doors or otherwise hidden from the public. It could also describe a period of soul-searching. Americans need to reassess their priorities and what freedom really entails. Of course, for about half of us, such soul-searching too often ends with the urge to buy more guns.

The Sun and Moon are widely sextile a conjunction of Mars and Jupiter. I’m hoping that this aspect, along with the fact that Mars is in its own sign, will bring out the best side of Mars. That is constructive, goal-oriented activity. Since this conjunction takes place in the Tenth House of leadership we might even get some positive movement on gun control from Congress. Unfortunately, the fact that Neptune is also in the Tenth, indicates that any actions coming from our leadership are apt to promise more than they actually provide.

Of course, we also have to consider the possibility that, instead of bring out the best of Mars, the conjunction with Jupiter actually expands the worst side of that planet’s symbolism, which is uncontrolled violence. That violence could be directed toward our leadership or it could stem from decisions made by people in positions of authority. Neptune could be a factor here as well, keeping us off-balance and confused about what is really happening.

Mercury in this New Moon chart is square Saturn which is in the Ninth House. The Ninth House is associated with politics and debate and I think this describes the wrangle over gun control that is surely coming. The Ninth is also associated with the courts. The Supreme Court is due to consider Roe vs. Wade sometime soon and that is also sure to raise some dust. However, the fact that the Sun and Moon are in the Twelfth argues against dramatic developments for the U.S. during this lunation period.

The soul-searching theme in this chart is reinforced by the square by Venus to Pluto. This is an aspect of grief, deep feelings and reassessment. We, as a country, have to face our inner demons and decide whether we want to continue of feed them with anger and fear or finally come to terms with them.

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